REG 2008 Montpellier Meeting

9-10 April 2008, Montpellier Meeting

Hotel Information

The REG meeting will be held in Montpellier at 9-10 April 2008 in a small Mediterranean sea side resort close to the airport. This meeting is not hosted by a company which means that the use of the hotel is required and an extra charge of €50 euro is added to the room. This includes the meeting room, coffee and a French lunch. The cost for the hotel is €89, optional breakfast in the hotel is €13. If you have special billing requirements, contact Peter Kriens.

You must make a reservation through this form and fax or mail it to the hotel. Details about the hotel can be found at the mercure site.

There are many flights from Montpellier to Paris (Orly and CDG). Ryan Air flies to Stanstead in England and Hahn in Germany. The hotel is very close to the Montpellier airport, so you can best rent a taxi from the airport. You can take a look on a map

Historical Background

La Grande Motte is a very interesting location to have a meeting. It was an attempt by the French to manage tourism without destroying the coastal regions, like what happened in many Spanish resorts. In the 60’s the built a new town in the swamps of the outer Camargue but with fantastic beaches, in a very modern and open style. There are no real high rises and almost all buildings are build in a pyramid shape, allowing everybody a balcony and a lot of light. April is probably the best month in the year to visit this area.


April 9 – Informal HGI – OSGi Workshop

Time Wednesday
10:00 Welcome
10:15 RFP 90 – Remote Management Reference Architecture
11:00 RFP 95 – Multiple Service Provider Separation
11:45 RFP 101 – OSGi Service Platform as UPnP Device
12:30 Lunch
13:30 RFP 87 – OSGi Management Object Model
14:15 RFP 107 – Generic Remote Device Management Model
15:00 Introduction HGI Requirements
16:00 Discussion
17:00 End of Day 1

April 10 – REG Meeting Day 2

Time Thursday
09:00 RFC 130 – OSGi Service Platform as UPnP Device
11:30 Promotion Activities for REG
12:30 Lunch
13:30 RFC 131 – Remote Management Reference Architecture
15:00 RFC 135 – Multiple Service Provider Separation
16:30 Action Items & AoB
17:00 End of Day 2