Product Spotlights

Luminis Provisioning Server (LMS)

LMS is a commercially supported implementation of Apache ACE (donated to the Apache Foundation by Luminis 2009) with and a number of additional OSS components to:

Handle all (remote) deployment, installation, de-installation of software components;
Deploy OSGi/Java, .NET, C/C++ and Adobe Flex Components.

Where the target may be desktops, mobile devices, enterprise servers, embedded systems or e.g. a dedicated location in the cloud.

The LMS extensions to ACE include:

License Management
Device Management
Integrated Software Management

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mBS Smart Home

mBS Smart Home is a home gateway middleware stack optimized for use in commercial embedded products, e.g. in home gateways, CPEs, STBs, femtocell devices. It contains:

ProSyst’s own, low-footprint and certified OSGi implementation compliant to the latest OSGi release (mBS)
HGI SWEX (Software Modularity) compliant and tested
Home network connectivity including Zwave, ZigBee, UPnP, KNX, X10, WebCams
Software Development Kit (SDK) for 3rd party developers, based on the Eclipse IDE

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Eclipse Riena

The Riena framework is the foundation for building multi-tier enterprise client/server applications. As such Riena is broadening the usage of the service oriented architecture of OSGi/Equinox by providing access to local and remote services in a transparent way. Using this uniform programming model, the components of Riena and the business components of the enterprise application can be developed regardless of their target location. Components are later easily placed on client or server depending on the business requirements. The use of OSGi services makes it additionally easy to replace Riena components (=services) with application specific implementations if needed.

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Eclipse Virgo

Virgo Web Server is an OSGi based application server designed to run enterprise Java and Spring-powered OSGi applications. It offers a simple yet comprehensive platform to develop, deploy, and service enterprise OSGi applications.

Virgo Kernel supports the core concepts of Virgo with no web biased, thus enabling other server types to be created. The Kernel can be used stand-alone as a rich OSGi application platform or as a server runtime by deploying suitable bundles on top of the Kernel.

Both Web Server and Kernel are available from under the Eclipse Public License.

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Eclipse OSGi Starter Kit

The OSGi Starter Kit is an easy to use configuration of Equinox, the OSGi framework reference implementation, and the Equinox p2 provisioning platform. Together these enable users to start with OSGi technology and incrementally discover, investigate and experiment with OSGi-based technology from a wide variety of vendors.

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Running EZDroid – an implementation of the Apache Felix OSGI framework on Android, or any other Linux-based mobile operating system, creates a more competitive, secure and flexible approach to mobile computing. Instead of running mobile applications directly on top of the Android virtual machine (Dalvik), applications run within the boundaries of the OSGi framework.

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Eclipse Web Starter Kit

The Web Starter Kit is a collection of OSGi-based technology from the Eclipse open-source community. As a minimum it includes Equinox, the OSGi framework reference implementation, the Equinox p2 provisioning platform, and Jetty, a high-performance web application server. This combination enables users to get up and running with OSGi-based server-side capabilities quickly and easily. It also forms the basis of many server and embedded systems offerings.

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IBM WebSphere Application Server V8.0

WebSphere Application Server provides millions of developers and IT Architects, from businesses of every size, with an innovative, performance-based foundation to build, reuse, run, integrate and manage Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) applications and services. Developers can jumpstart their development efforts and leverage existing skills by selecting from the comprehensive set of open standards-based programming models WebSphere Application Server V8.0 supports.

As well as using OSGi technology internally, WebSphere Application Server supports the deployment of applications that exploit OSGi to deliver:

reduced time to market by increasing re-use through a modular development and deployment model.
reduced disk and memory foot…

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Eclipse Communication Framework (ECF)

ECF 3.5 implements two OSGi 4.2 emerging standards:  Remote Services (chapter 13) and the enterprise Remote Services Admin (chapter 122).

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Paremus Service Fabric

The Paremus Service Fabric is where OSGi meets Cloud. OSGi from the ground-up, the Service Fabric, formed from a collection of nodes, offers a model-driven, distributed, dynamic, resilient and scalable Cloud runtime for OSGi, JEE and other Java-based applications.

Middleware agnostic and with no single points of failure, the Service Fabric is a robust, self-healing, self-provisioning, self-scaling platform providing significant application Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) reductions.


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Ubicore is a software product for service provisioning, and remote management of OSGi enabled devices. With Ubicore devices like residential gateways, vehicle gateways, industrial equipment and similar devices can be remotely managed and monitored.

Basic OSGi bundle life-cycle management is fully supported. Ubicore also includes a more advanced service / user / subscription model where one or more bundles form an Application that realizes a Service which a User can subscribe to. This forms the …

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ProSyst provides mBS, the best-of-breed hardware and OS agnostic gateway middleware stack for gateways and end devices.

Optimized for the use in commercial embedded and resource contrained platforms and products.
Provides TR-069 and TR-157 based remote management agent, incl. service and application lifecycle management.
Open to support ETSI M2M, OneM2M, MQTT and other (e.g. prorietary) protocols
Includes connectivity support for X10, Web Cameras, Bluetooth, wMBus, DECT and other pro…

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Bosch IoT Remote Manager – Backend device management, monitoring and software provisioning system, for various classes of gateways and devices

Provides off-the-shelf remote device management (see the status and control the state of your device) for OSGi-, TR-069- / TR-157-, and OMA-DM-enabled devices
Open for implementation of additional management protocols, business logic extensions, and user interfaces
Provides remote access for apps and application servers to gateways and devi…

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GlassFish Server Open Source Edition

GlassFish Server Open Source Edition is an enterprise grade, Java EE 6 compliant application server. Since version 3.0, it has been re-architected to run on the OSGi module system, which allows it to be modular, extensible and embeddable. It allows use of OSGi in Java EE applications thereby allowing users to develop modular, dynamic enterprise Java applications. Below are a few notable features of GlassFish Server:

Free community-supported application server with commercial offering available
Full Java EE 6 platform support
Next-generation modular and extensible architecture (OSGi)
Enterprise reliability and performance with full clustering
Support for various OSGi Enterprise Technologies.

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TIBCO ActiveMatrix

OSGi powers TIBCO ActiveMatrixTM 3.x, the Universal Application Platform portfolio which comprises the core of TIBCO’s SOA and BPM offerings, including: Integration, Enterprise Service Bus, Composite Applications, SOA Governance, SLA Management and Business Processes.

Through the use of OSGi, TIBCO has been able to significantly reduce the memory footprint of the ActiveMatrix platform, to the benefit of applications  that run on the ActiveMatrix platform.  With over 200 integrated modules that leverage OSGi, the ActiveMatrix platform only loads those resources into memory that are needed to support a particular application which results in a more efficient use of resources, faster performance, increased availability and enhanced extensib…

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CICS Transaction Server for z/OS V4.2

Have you ever withdrawn cash from an ATM? Have you ever traded stocks and shares or bought products online? Most Fortune 100 companies use CICS, many of them banks, brokerages and high-street retailers. CICS is another four-letter word that industry swears by.

The new 64-bit multi-threaded JVM Server container in CICS Transaction Server for z/OS V4.2 allows existing as well as new Java applications developed as OSGi bundles using industry standard tools, to be deployed, updated and removed without restarting the runtime environment. Multiple versions of these applications can also execute side-by-side all managed through modern user interfaces.

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Amdatu is a dynamic, open, Cloud Enablement Platform that offers the benefits of a Platform as a Service (PaaS) with a stack of (SaaS) services, including Authentication, Profiling, Recommendation and Semantic Search. Features include:

Open Source & Standards-based: all services communicate through a REST API and are deployed as OSGi bundles.
Infrastructure Agnostic: portable and independent of proprietary infrastructure.
Dynamic Elasticity: Instances are dynamically provisioned to achieve real QoS standards.
End-to-End monitoring: of resource utilization with real-time graphic representation.
Multi-tenant architecture: suitable to be deployed on a private cloud, in a public cloud or a hybrid (cloud-burst) environment.

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Knopflerfish Pro

Knopflerfish Pro is Makewave’s certified release 4, version 4.2 compliant OSGi service platform, based directly on the open source Knopflerfish OSGi distribution. Knopflerfish Pro is a fully supported product, intended for professional use, and gives companies the assurance required to use open source software in commercial systems.

Knopflerfish Pro extends open source Knopflerfish by adding a set of bundles only available in the Pro version, making Knopflerfish Pro a complete implementation …

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Eclipse IDE

The Eclipse IDE is the premiere open source tooling platform.  It is used regularly by millions of developers and is the base for hundreds of free and commercial offerings world-wide. OSGi modularity has been one of the key success factors in the creation of this platform and the explosive innovation in the Eclipse tooling ecosystem.

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