President’s Letter, September 2017

OSGi technology is powerful and it is effective, which also makes it invisible to just about anyone but the architects and developers who use it. Outside of the widely known core of users and OSGi Alliance members, there are thousands of unsung products and services built with OSGi. Next month, we increase the visibility of those products and services with promotion of a new feature on, testimonials.

We invite both Alliance members and OSGi users around the world to submit their use of OSGi technology. In addition to increasing your understanding of the wide use of OSGi in a variety of industries, this is an excellent opportunity to showcase your offerings. Submit your testimonial today.

  • Our live showcase of the latest OSGi technology and interesting use cases, the OSGi Community Event, is just around the corner, October 24-26, in Ludwigsburg, Germany.  If you think you might attend this year’s conference, my best advice is to book your hotel room now. You can always cancel a booked room if your plans change, but you can’t book a room when they’re all gone. If you know you can’t miss the OSGi Community Event, register now to take advantage of early bird rates, available through October 5. The early bird talk selection, “Run OSGi on your robot and teach it new tricks,” gives you insight into the exciting and wide range of talks you’ll enjoy at the valuable event. The OSGi keynote is “Journey from Monolith to a Modularized Application: Approach and Key Learnings,” by Emanoel Xavier from Intel and Tim Ward from Paremus, on October 25.

    Our Core Platform Expert Group reports members are on schedule for Release 7 Core and Compendium, which means we would have a proposed final draft by the OSGi Community Event. What better way to read and discuss the final draft than in person with other OSGi developers?

    While not an Alliance project, per se, our OSGi experts are contributors to Bndtools, which offers great support to OSGi users. Bndtools just released v3.4, a revision and update that will make your toolchain smoother and more powerful.

    I am pleased to report our second year at CeBIT in Hanover this spring drew many attendees interested in modularity and OSGi in particular. Our stand engaged hundreds of attendees and, along with our keynote address, we increased the visibility of OSGi. Our first-ever developer event in China not only attracted existing and potential OSGi developers, it landed a spot on local TV. Did you see the story?

    Thank you for your continued interest in OSGi and in the Alliance. I hope you’ll take the time to review the OSGi testimonials next month and maybe submit a testimonial yourself. Please plan to join us in Ludwigsburg this fall.


Dan Bandera


OSGi Alliance