President’s Letter, October 2018


I think we are all probably sorry to see the summer months on the way out but I hope you all had an opportunity to relax and recharge!  We have some busy months ahead of us at the OSGi Alliance and we are very much looking forward to our annual OSGi Community Event that will be held in Ludwigsburg, Germany next week (October 23-25).

In addition to our annual event, this quarter’s newsletter includes highlights on many OSGi Alliance activities including an upcoming OSGi German Users’ Forum and OSGi exhibiting at the Liferay DEVCON. I’d also like to welcome our newest member, Azul Systems, a company that develops runtime platforms for executing Java based applications.

To learn more about all of the OSGi Alliance activities, please read on. I’m looking forward to seeing you at the OSGi Community Event in Ludwigsburg, Germany.


Dan Bandera
OSGi Alliance

OSGi 2018 Community Event is Around the Corner

The 2018 OSGi Community Event is literally days away and we are gearing up for a great event.  It will take place on October 23-25 in Ludwigsburg, Germany where we are pleased to again holding a joint conference with EclipseCon Europe.

The OSGi Community Event will feature OSGi tutorials, talks, a BOF and other OSGi community-related activities and you won’t want to miss our keynote speakers, Tony Walsh, software engineer with the European Space Agency (ESA) and Hristo Indzhov with Telespazio VEGA who will be speaking on how ESA is using OSGi technology for a project that tracks and controls spacecraft. The first mission this system will be used for is JUICE (JUpiter ICy moons Explorer) launching in 2022.

The full program listing can be found here and topics covered will range from use cases and experiences with OSGi in enterprise, embedded, cloud and IoT environments, to specification updates and tutorials and meet-ups. Additionally, this year’s BOF will include R8 suggestions and include important feedback from the community.

Registration is open through October 25, 2018 and many thanks to our sponsors Bosch, IBM and Liferay for supporting the OSGi 2018 Community Event! Thanks also to EclipseCon Europe with whom we are co-locating again this year.

German Users’ Forum Scheduled in October

An OSGi Users’ Forum meeting will be held on October 22 at the EclipseCon Community Day. Featured speakers include Tim Ward who will cover what’s new in OSGi R7 and enRoute and Jürgen Albert with Mark Hoffmann will provide an introduction to their new open source project

More information on the workshop can be found here.

OSGi Alliance Exhibiting at Liferay DEVCON

The OSGi Alliance is pleased to be attending the Liferay DEVCON in Amsterdam, November 7-8.  If you are attending, please stop by and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about modularity and OSGi technology, the OSGi Alliance or the new R7 release.

Ray Augé, a Senior Software Architect at Liferay, and co-chair of the OSGi Enterprise Expert Group, will be presenting on the upcoming OSGi CDI integration specification. Ray’s talk will demonstrate common usage patterns and its component model that brings OSGi dynamics, like services and configuration, to CDI and provides for an ecosystem of CDI portable extensions.

More details about this year’s Liferay DEVCON including how to register can be found on the conference website.  Liferay is also offering a 25% discount on DEVCON ticket prices to anyone that is attending the OSGi Community Event in Germany. To obtain your discount code, please see the Liferay advert in the OSGi Community Event and EclipseCon Europe event brochure.

OSGi R7 Highlights Blog Series

If you missed reading any of the OSGi R7 Highlights blog posts, there is still time to check them out on the OSGi blog. The series featured posts from technical experts at the OSGi Alliance sharing some of the key highlights of the new R7 release.

The blog posts covered the topics below:

  • Java 9 Support – Multi-release JAR support and runtime discovery of the packages provided by the JPMS modules loaded by the platform.
  • Declarative Services – Constructor injection and component property types.
  • JAX-RS – A whiteboard model for building JAX-RS microservices.
  • Converter – A package for object type conversion.
  • Cluster Information – Support for using OSGi frameworks in clustered environments.
  • Transaction Control – An OSGi model for transaction life cycle management.
  • Http Whiteboard – Updates to the Http Whiteboard model.
  • Push Streams and Promises – The Promises packages is updated with new methods and an improved implementation and the new Push Streams package provides a stream programming model for asynchronously arriving events.
  • Configurator and Configuration Admin – Configuration Admin is updated to support the new Configurator specification for delivering configuration data in bundles.
  • LogService – A new logging API is added which supports logging levels and dynamic logging administration and a new Push Stream-based means of receiving log entries is also added.
  • Bundle Annotations – Annotations that allow the developer to inform tooling on how to build bundles.
  • CDI – Context and Dependency Injection support for OSGi developers.

Please let us know if you have any questions about the OSGi R7 blog posts and as always, we welcome feedback and suggestions on future topics related to OSGi R7 or otherwise.

JUG Thüringen Hosts Meetup Event with OSGi Alliance

The JUG Thüringen recently hosted an evening of OSGi with the Java User Group Thüringen

The OSGi Alliance Expert Groups recently gathered in Jena, Germany and the Thüringen JUG kindly arranged a meetup while the OSGi technical experts were in town.

The meetup featured three, 30-minute ‘talklets’ including:

  • “OSGi enRoute Quickstart – A Beginners Guide to OSGi” presented by Tim Ward
  • “ – Kick start your professional OSGi Development” presented by Jürgen Albert
  • “Intelligent Robots – Resolving the Promise” presented by Tim Verbelen

Videos of all the presentations can be found here and a big thank you to Intershop for hosting the meeting.