President’s Letter, December 2019


It is hard to believe that we are once again on the cusp of a new year! As 2019 comes to a close, it’s a busy time in which we all simultaneously try to finish things up, reflect on the past year and prepare for what’s to come in the New Year.

2019 was a milestone year for OSGi Alliance as we celebrated our 20th anniversary and the last few months have kept the OSGi community busy with the annual OSGi Community Event co-held with EclipseCon EU 2019. If you missed the event, this quarter’s newsletter includes details on where to find slides and videos from the keynote and talks along with an update on the new Bndtools release. 

I also want to personally recognize the recipients of the OSGi 2019 Leadership Awards that were announced at the Community Event.  Ray Augé and Dr. Richard Nicholson were both recognized for their significant contributions to the OSGi Alliance and the OSGi ecosystem.  Thank you both for your contributions to OSGi Alliance!

Have a wonderful and restful holiday season and thank you for your support during 2019!


Dan Bandera
OSGi Alliance

OSGi Community Event 2019 Recap

In October, we hosted the annual OSGi Community Event 2019 in Ludwigsburg, Germany.  Our keynote speaker was Matt Rutkowski, IBM CTO Serverless Technologies who spoke on Java in the Age of Serverless: The Path Forward.  Many thanks to all who presented at the Community Event 2019 — we recognize that it takes time and effort and appreciate the support! Please take a look at the slides and video recordings of the keynote and talks at the event.

Thanks also goes to our Community Event sponsors – Bosch and IBM who provided significant support that helps make this event possible and of course we cannot forget about our host EclipseCon Europe, who provided us with the opportunity to co-locate again this year.

2019 Leadership Award Winners

This is our 4th year of the OSGi Leadership Awards that recognize individuals and/or companies who have made significant contributions to the OSGi Alliance and/or ecosystem. 

At the 2019 OSGi Community event, we recognized two very deserving recipients for their service and contributions to the OSGi Alliance and those individuals are Dr. Richard Nicholson and Ray Augé.

Ray Augé is much appreciated for his service as an OSGi Board Director and EEG co-chair, and conceiving and publishing the OSGi specifications in HTML format.

We’re also proud to recognize Dr. Richard Nicholson for his service as an OSGi Board Director, President and Treasurer, and as a staunch, and vocal advocate of the OSGi Alliance and its technology and shaping its ongoing strategy towards modularity.  Along with this distinguished Leadership award, OSGi Alliance has named Dr. Richard Nicholson as an OSGi Laureate for his outstanding contributions and leadership achievements in driving the OSGi Alliance and the adoption of OSGi technology.

New Bndtools Release

The maintainers of Bnd/Bndtools have just released version 4.3.1, a maintenance release of version 4.3.0. Version 4.3.0 contains a number of new and useful additions for OSGi developers.

This release of Bnd increases reliability when downloading artifacts from remote repositories. It now supports retry for communications failures including checksum failures. Bnd adds support for new ServiceProvider and ServiceConsumer annotations that cause Bnd to generate ServiceLoader metadata. Bnd also has a new option to generate JPMS module-info.class files. Multiple performance enhancements were also added to make Bnd run faster.

Bndtools will now automatically attach the source code to an OSGi bundle when downloaded from a remote Maven repository. The Bndtools m2e support also has some performance enhancements.

The Bnd Gradle and Maven plugins have also been updated. The “run” support of both now support “dev” mode for live coding. As you change bundles, the “run” support will see the changed bundles and update the running framework. The Gradle plugins now support “–parallel” mode in Gradle. A new Maven reporting plugin was added.

Visit GitHub for the complete list of notable changes for Bnd/Bndtools 4.3.1.

News from Industrial Internet Consortium

Through activities, programs and a neutral platform for innovation, the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) helps technology users, vendors, system integrators and researchers achieve tangible results as they digitally transform across the enterprise.

IIC members have developed guidance which are proving essential across industry in connectivity, networking, edge computing and security. Some specific resources which may be of interest to OSGi members include the Industrial Networking Enabling IIoT Communication white paper, the Connectivity Framework, the recent Journal of Innovation on Digital Twin, and the recently published Security Maturity Model: Practitioner’s Guide.

IIC has a portfolio of industrial testbeds and have launched a similar program with a goal of getting to the pilot stage with technology users sooner. IIC invites you to peruse the testbed and test drive information and contact the VP of Industry Programs, Howard Kradjel, if you are interested in getting involved.

Join IIC in Long Beach, CA for their Trustworthy Digital Transformation Forum (Dec 10 – free event) in a small venue to learn from security experts who have been authoring guidance and applying trustworthiness best practices to industry.

Learn more at and follow IIC on Twitter and LinkedIn.