OSGi World Congress 2005

Detailed Agenda

OSGi Service Platform Release 4 Overview BJ Hargrave, IBM & Peter Kriens, aQute
Infusion of OSGi Technology into a J2EE Application Server Mikaël Desertot & Didier Donsez, University of Grenoble
New Modularity Features of the OSGi R4 Service Platform Richard Hall, Ph.D., Invited Researcher, University of Grenoble
Apache Directory and the OSGi Service Platform Enrique Rodriguez, PMC Member, Apache Directory Project, Apache Software Foundation
Eclipse the Rich Client Platform Jeff McAffer, Eclipse Architect, IBM
An Open Source OSGi Plug-In for Eclipse Mikaël Desertot, University of Grenoble
Monitoring and Managing Computer Resource Usage on OSGi Frameworks Ikuo Yamasaki, Researcher, NTT Cyber Solutions Laboratories
OSGi Applications Testing André Elia Assad, System Engineer, Cesar
Guidelines to Improve the Robustness of the OSGi Framework and Its Services Against Malicious or Badly Coded Bundles Michel D’Hooge, Senior Engineer, Trialog
Keynote: Integrating the OSGi Service-Oriented Architecture into the Enterprise Jim Colson, Distinguished Engineer, Chief Architect, IBM Client Software & Pervasive Computing
Using OSGi R4 Service Platform in Vehicle Embedded Systems Miguel Lopez, Software Architect, Siemens VDO Automotive
Open Management Using OSGi Technology Enabled Services Stéphane Frénot, Associate Professor, Inria
Daidalos Pervasive Services and the OSGi Framework Christoph Kuhmünch, Research Assistant, Siemens AG
Creating a Service Platform for .NET Clément Escoffier, University of Grenoble
CRUFT! Peter Kriens, President, aQute
Programming OSGi with Eclipse Jeff McAffer, Eclipse Architect, IBM & Tom Watson, IBM
Automatically Managing Service Dependencies in an OSGi Environment Marcel Offermans, Senior Software Engineer, Luminis
Enabling Java 2 Runtime Security with Eclipse Plug-ins Ted Habeck, Advisory Software Engineer, IBM & Marco Pistoia, Ph.D., Research Staff Member, IBM
Using OSGi for Secure Service Discovery Antonio Kung, Founder/Director, Trialog, Danny De Cock, Researcher Applied Cryptography, K.U.Leuven & Hans Scholten, U.Twente
Leveraging OSGi Technology for End-to-End Reconfigurability: Enabling a Seamless Experience Karim El-Khazen, Technical Manager, Motorola
2005 OSGi Alliance Status John Barr, Ph.D., Past President, OSGi Alliance; Director, Standards Realization, Motorola
Keynote: The Benefits of an Open Service Oriented Architecture in the Enterprise Craig Hayman, Vice President of Solutions Development, IBM Software Group
The Business Case for OSGi Technology & Unveiling Release 4 Susan Schwarze, Ph.D., VP Marketing, OSGi Alliance; Marketing Director, ProSyst Software
Release 4 from a Business Perspective Peter Kriens, OSGi Alliance Fellow; Technology Officer and President, aQute
The Business Case for the Mobile Ecosystem Jon Bostrom, Co-Chair OSGi Alliance Mobile Expert Group; Chief Architect Java, Nokia
OSGi Applications for the Next Generation of Automotive and Vehicle Infrastructure Systems Kai Hackbarth, ProSyst for Scott Andrews, Cogenia Partners, LLC
OSGi Users’ Group France Olivier Pavé, Co-Chair Vehicle Expert Group, OSGi Alliance; Software Architect, Siemens VDO Automotive
OSGi Users’ Forum Japan Ryutaru Kawamura, Senior Manager, NTT
OSGi Users’ Forum Korea Haejun Yi, ProSyst Technology Korea, Inc.
Town Hall: Business Implications of Open Source OSGi Implementations BJ Hargrave, OSGi Alliance Fellow & CTO; Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM
2005 OSGi Alliance World Congress Day Two John R. Barr, Ph.D., Chair OSGi World Congress
Keynote: Eclipse: Accelerating OSGi Adoption Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director Eclipse Foundation
End-to-End Architectural Considerations for Supporting Telematics Solutions Volker Fricke, Solution Architect, Telematics, IBM
An OSGi Environment for FlexibleService Concepts Detlef Kuck, Teamleader Telematics & Navigation Research, Ford Research Centre Aachen
The UAE Telematics System: A Flexible End-to-End Solution Thomas Walz, IT Architect, IBM & Thomas Walz, IT Architect, IBM
OSGi Service Platform and the Mobile Ecosystem John R. Barr, Ph.D., Chair OSGi World Congress
Mobile Middleware and Mobility in the Enterprise Yad Jaura, Marketing Manager, iAnywhere Solutions
Using the OSGi Application Model on Mobile Devices with CLDC JVM Dimitar Valtchev, CTO, ProSyst
Issues in Designing Push Based Mobile Application Platform Rafiul Ahad, Oracle
OSGi Service Platform and the Digital Home Ecosystem Stan Moyer, Executive Director, Telcordia Technologies and President, OSGi Alliance
Service Aggregation Platform for Delivery and Management of OSGi Technology Based Home Service Hiroyuki Maeomichi, Research Engineer, NTT Cyber Solutions Laboratories, NTT Corporation
The Role of OSGi Technology in the Home Gateway Initiative (HGI) and End to End Connectivity and Service Provisioning Paolo Pastorino, Chief Technology and Chief Business Officer Home Gateway Initiative & Project Manager, Telecom Italia
OSGi Technology Based Product/Service Packages for Multi-tenant/Mudwelling Residential Buildings Javier Zamora, General Manager, eNeo labs
The OSGi Service Platform in the Smart Home and Energy Management and Domestic Appliances Ecosystem Paul Kopff, Research Engineer, EDF
Town Hall: From Proof Points to Volume: Getting to the Mass Market Stan Moyer, Executive Director, Telcordia Technologies and President, OSGi Alliance
OSGi Technology in the IST Integrated Project Hans-Werner Bitzer, Systems Integration Director, T-Systems International/Deutsche Telekom
OSGi Technology in the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) for Converged Network Services Stan Moyer, Executive Director, Telcordia Technologies and President, OSGi Alliance
OSGi Service Platform in Home Control, Entertainment and Communications Applications Andres Manso, CTO, Hogar Digital
OSGi Technology and IP-Based Video Surveillance in HomeSecurity, Access Control, and Personal Care Tom Enderes, CEO, Gatewide LLC & Prashant Viswanathan, Co-Founder, Gatewide LLC
Providing a Holistic, Service-Oriented Infrastructure for Integration of Real-World Data with Enterprise Solutions Thomas Odenwald, Head of Smart Items Research Program, SAP Research