OSGi World Congress 2004

Conference Flyer

Detailed Agenda

12 OCTOBER 2004 – DAY 1
Introduction Deepak Kamlani, Global Inventures
OSGi Alliance – Status Address Dr. John Barr, Motorola, Inc.
Seamless Mobility & OSGi Service Platform Mala Chandra, Motorola, Inc.
GST – An End-to-end Architecture for Automotive Telematics Services Peter Van der Perre, ERTICO
Requirements For a Successful End-to-End Business Solution Kai Hackbarth, ProSyst Software
End-to-End Architectures for Mobile Device Services Dave Marples, Telcordia Technologies
OSGi Technology, Eclipse and Convergence Jeff McAffer, IBM
Managing Complexity in Mobile Application Deployment Using the OSGi Service Platform Rafiul Ahad, Oracle
The Future of Mobile Java and Mobility Middleware Jon Bostrom, Nokia
Enabling the Enterprise with Next-Generation Mobile Architectures Mark VandenBrink, IBM
Principles of a vehicle infotainment platform Hans-Ulrich Michel, BMW
Vehicle Consumer Services Interface – In-Vehicle Middleware Vladimir Rasin, Ford Motor Company
OSGi Technology Based In-vehicle Computing Platforms: The Embedded Systems Perspective Paul Wheaton, Computer Associates
Digital broadcasting applied to in car safety and deployment of FO in Catalonia Xavier Puig, Government of Catalonia
Service Scenarios and Learnings from the Belgacom EasyHome Lab Bernard Boël, Belgacom
OSGi Technology in the France Telecom Plugs Home Platform Gilles Deflandre, France Telecom R&D
Motorola Home Gateways and the Shell HomeGenie: OSGi Technology in Action Vincent Izzo, Motorola, Inc.
13 OCTOBER 2004 – DAY 2
Vehicle-enabled Information & Communication Services: Market Outlook and Real Business Opportunities Michael Dornan, Gartner
From Vision to Execution (and back) Jim Colson, IBM
The FleetBoard Solution and the Case for OSGi Technology Hendrik Höfer, MicroDoc, and Marcus Hohloch, DaimlerChrysler Services FleetBoard GmbH
OSGi Technology Based In-vehicle Computing Platforms: The Embedded Systems Perspective Paul Wheaton, Computer Associates
New Automotive Applications, Services and Use Cases Enabled by the OSGi Service Platform Klaus Krumpholz, Motorola GmbH
Building Global Telematics System by Using OSGi Technology Dimitar Valtchev, ProSyst Software
Real-time Customer Care & Vehicle Service: How to Deliver Real Business Value in an Automotive Context Dr. Christian Kuhn, SAP AG
The Role of the OSGi Gateway in GST Security Objectives and Architecture Antonio Kung, Trialog, and Danny De Cock, K.U. Leuven
Integration and Use of Mobile Devices in the Car Olivier Pavé, Siemens VDO Automotive
Evolving End-to-End Architectures [presentation not available] Staffan Truvé, Gatespace Telematics AB
End-to-End and e-Business Value from the Telematics Reference Implementation Solution Volker Fricke, IBM
History and Future of the Downloadable Mobile Marketplace Jon Bostrom, Nokia
OSGi Technology Relationship to OMA Device Management Protocols and Mechanisms Sanjay Gupta, Motorola, Inc.
Introducing the Embedded Rich Client Platform (eRCP) Jim Robbins, IBM
Enabling Technologies for Branded Wireless Services Boris Klots, Motorola, Inc.
How to Use the OSGi Service Framework in Real-Life Projects Kai Hackbarth, ProSyst Software
Helping Mobile Operators & Terminal Vendors Dynamically Update Terminal Capabilties Peter Bernard, Insignia
Data Miniaturization: Implications for Mobile Devices John Archbold, WindSpring Inc., and Robert Mitro, Caneum Inc.
Parlay/OSA and Parlay-X The Platform for Telecom Web Services José Simões, Ericsson
The Convergence of Fixed, Mobile and Internet Services in the Home Bruce Horowitz, TeliaSonera
Flexible and Transparent Multimedia Routing on OSGi Environments Dr. Natividad Martinez Madrid and Dr. Ralf Seepold, Universidad Carlos III
OSGi Residential Gateways Experience in Spain Andrés Manso, HogarDigital
Home Service Harmony, Home Service Control Platform Based on the OSGi Framework Masanori Ogawara, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT)
Current Situation of Connected Appliances in the Market and Siemens’ [email protected] Horst Werkmann, Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH
Residential Gateways: The First Mile Solution to the Last Mile Problem Javier Zamora, eNeo Labs
Context Aware Services in Connected Homes Using OSGi Service Infrastructure Zheng Song, Institute for Infocomm Research
Why Collaborate? Graham Nicholls, Extrada Inc.
14 OCTOBER 2004 – DAY 3
The Universal Device Needs the Universal Gateway Chris Wild, Siemens VDO Automotive
OSGi Standardization: An Evolving Future Carl Cargill, Sun Microsystems
Evolving Communication Mechanisms of the OSGi Framework Xuejun Chen, BMW Research and Technology
Integrating Secure Token in OSGi Platforms Jean-Jacques Vandewalle, Gemplus
Service Subscribers, Providers, Aggregators: Business and Technique – Anarchy or Democracy? Paul Kopff, Electricité de France
The OSGi Service Platform in Integrated Management Environments Cristina Diaz Diaz, Telefonica I & D
The Role of the OSGi Service Platform and the Enabling End-to-End Architecture and Solutions Peter Guinand, RaumComputer AG
OSGi Service Platform in Healthcare Service Delivery and Management Stan Moyer, Telcordia Technologies
Framework Modularity Layer Glyn Normington, IBM
OSGi Architecture for Mobile Device Software Peter Kriens, aQute
Deployment Download and Policy Workstream Update Gábor Pécsy, Nokia
MEG: OSGi Based Operational Management of Mobile Devices Vadim Draluk, Motorola, Inc.
The MEG Application Model Mark VandenBrink, IBM
OSGi Alliance into 2005 Dr. John Barr, Motorola, Inc.