OSGi World Congress 2003

The detailed agenda for OSGi World Congress 2003 is available from here.

22 OCTOBER 2003 – DAY 1

Session Speaker
Welcome, Introduction Deepak Kamlani, Global Inventures
OSGi: Four Years and Forward Dr. John Barr, President of OSGi Alliance
Keynote: The Connected Home: It Starts With a Managed Service Gateway Vincent Izzo, Motorola
Keynote: Internet Home Alliance Tony Barra, Internet Home Alliance
OSGi Technology Overview Panel Stan Moyer, Telcordia
OSGi Specifications and Technology BJ Hargrave, IBM
OSGi and Other Technologies Peter Kriens, aQute
OSGi Value and Attributes Dr. Susan Schwarze, ProSyst
In the Services Network Hans-Werner Bitzer, Deutsche Telekom
In Automotive Environments Hans-Ulrich Michel, BMW
In Homes/Consumer Electronics Maurizio Beltrami, Philips
In Industrial Environments Damian Inglin, Echelon
Worldwide OSGi Deployment Rafiul Ahad, Oracle
Developments in North America Dan Bandera, IBM
Developments in Asia Damian Inglin, Echelon
Developments in Europe Staffan Truvé, Gatespace Telematics

23 OCTOBER 2003 – DAY 2

Session Speaker
Platinum Keynote: The expanding role of the OSGi Alliance Craig Hayman, IBM
Keynote: Introducing the Digital Home Working Group Glen Stone, Sony
Adaptive Network Middleware CSC (Communication Service Concierge) Ryutaro Kawamura, NTT Laboratories
OSGi Technology as it Relates to Java, Smartcards, and the Automotive Industry Benjamin Maury, Gemplus
OSGi in Consumer Electronics and Connected Homes Mark Ossel, Echelon
Smart Metering in Smart Homes Paul Kopff, Electricité de France
eNeo Labs and the Spanish Connected Home Market Javier Zamora, eNeo Labs
OSGi Technology in the Vehicle Hans-Ulrich Michel, BMW
The Complexity of Electronic Systems in Vehicles Meinrad Staudenmaier, CarMediaLabs
The AMI-C / OSGi Alliance Relationship Pom Malhotra & John Juhasz, General Motors, ACUNIA
TAHI Overview and OSGi Stephen Pattenden, Telemetry Associates Limited
Delivering Products to The Connected Home Vincent Izzo, Motorola
Towards a Global System for Telematics Peter Van der Perre, ERTICO
The TeleHome Approach of Service Provisioning Andreas Sayegh, Deutsche Telekom
Enhanced OSGi Remote Management – the Centerpiece of an Open Telematics Service Provisioning Chain Dr. Hans-Jörg Vögel, BMW
Moving from Applications to Business Processes Mark Herterich, Homeportal Inc.
Norwich Union Insurance Telematics Pilot – Pay As You Drive Volker Fricke, IBM
The Cocooning project and the familibrary services Bernard Peigne, France Télécom
Full Service Residential Gateway for Connected Home Daquing Zhang, Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R)
SIPifying OSGi Matthew Ma, Panasonic Technologies
The Services Enabling Platform Francis Depuydt, Belgacom Advanced Network Services
Delivering Services Using an OSGi Gateway Bruce Horowitz, TeliaSonera
Presenting iPronto Frederick Leemans, Philips Remote Control Systems

24 OCTOBER 2003 – DAY 3