OSGi World Congress 2002

The conference brochure for OSGi World Congress 2002 is available from here.

Session Speaker
A TSP perspective on OSGi Anders W. Ljunggren
Using OSGi To Successfully Deliver Consumer Services From Several Different Networking Environments: Reviewing The Car-Home Continuity Antonie De Ryckel & Hughes Oudville
e-PASTA Antonio Kung
The Innovative Business of I-Enabled Appliances and Home Network Arturo Colantuoni Sanvenero
Business plan Metavector Bart Mariman
OSGi Specification Evolution BJ Hargrave
IBM’s Service Management Framework BJ Hargrave
Examining Gatespace / Ericssonʼs Telematics Solutions Christer Larsson
Delivering Services using an OSGi Gateway Claes Nycander
OSGi Benefits for the Pervasive Value Chain Dan Bandera
Available OSGi service platforms: What distinguishes ProSyst’s offering? Dr. Dimitar Valtchev
The AMIC Host and Vehicle Services APIs Edward Nelson
The AMIC APIs: OSGi in an Automotive Platform Edward Nelson
Possio and the Use of OSGi Erik Lagersten
ACUNIA Telematics Field Test: a working solution today Frans Vandemeulebroucke
Audi – TCU Project Hans Schumacher
Service Aggregation for the Networked Home Hans Werner Bitzer
Examining BMW´s Open Architecture For Telematic Applications Hans-Ulrich Michel
UPnP Forum Overview Herman Elenbaas
Internet @ppliances: An OSGi-based White Goods Smart Home Application Horst Werkmann
OSGi World Congress Summary John Barr
Managed Services for the New Millennium John Barr
Microsoft Automotive Business Unit Juergen Za
OSGi in the consumer entertainment environment Paul Bristow & Leo Rozendaal
Home networking, Home automation, EASY & VALUE = MASS: The business case is there Mark Ossel
Service Provisioning for the Residential Environment Miriam Ibáñez Lequerica
EDF Project [email protected] Paul Kopff & Christine Odinot
E2 Home Per Ljunggren
Why Have The Specifications Been Based On Java™ Technology? Peter Kriens
3GT: Third Generation Telematics Project Peter Van Der Perre
OSGi World Congress Workshop Exercise Peter Kriens
A Media Subscription Service Peter Kriens
Multimedia Home Platform Philips Softworks
Opensugar: Enabling pervasive services Pierre Scokaert
Expediting the Roll-Out of Value Added Services and Applications Stan Moyer
Benefits of the OSGi-Solution for Manufacturers and Service Providers Susan Schwarze
Technical Specification Overview Peter Kriens