OSGi Service Platform Release 2 Errata

  1. Section 8.7.4, page 168. The text before the bullets should not give the impressions that the bullets are optional. The bullets are issues that an optimization may rely on, not that these bullets are the optimizations themselves.
  2. In Section 9.7.1, The sentence “The first argument is the location identifier and the second is the PID of the targeted ManagedService object”. First and second should be reversed. The PID is the first parameter and the location is the second parameter.
  3. In Section 7.2, page 129, example servlets. The call req.getPrintWriter should be req.getWriter() and HttpService should be getHttpService().
  4. In Section 7.6, page 135. The table lists .html twice, the first .html should be replaced with .htm.
  5. In Section 9.4.4, page 184. The service.bundleLocation property must not be accessible from the Configuration properties Dictionary returned by Configuration.getProperties or passed to ManagedService.updatedManagedServiceFactory.updated or ConfigurationPlugin.modifyConfiguration. The value of the service.bundleLocation property may only be obtained from the Configuration.getBundleLocation method.

Note: The errata for the OSGi API is made available under the OSGi Specification License, Version 1.0.