OSGi Member Product Deployments Demonstrate Industry Adoption

OSGi Member Product Deployments Demonstrate Industry Adoption of Open Specifications

IBM, Motorola, Sun Microsystems, Echelon, Gatespace, ProSyst, and Telia Among Those To Rally Behind OSGi for the Future of Managed, Network Delivered Services

Las Vegas – (January 8, 2002) – Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2002. Leading technology companies from the Open Services Gateway Initiative (https://www.osgi.org) launch their latest products and services ranging from automotive platforms to home automation applications, all based on the OSGi Service Platform Release 2. Visit OSGi at the Digital Car pavilion #4371, Pod A #2 to learn more about products based around OSGi’s latest specifications.

“The value of the Open Services Gateway Initiative is the ability to deliver a standard interface and a standard platform for the delivery of services over a network. OSGi meets the needs of environments that dynamically change and adapt to the needs of the people in that environment,” said John Barr, president of OSGi and director of Standards Realization, Motorola.

The OSGi specifications create an open standard for an execution platform for a variety of services. These can enable, consolidate, and manage voice, data, Internet and multimedia communications to and from the home, office, car and other locations.

“OSGi is enabling a new type of service delivery platform. By supporting the OSGi specifications any device can become a platform that can run services delivered from afar. It means we can re-purpose any network node dynamically and manage it from another location. The power of that concept is amazing – it means we can adapt a user’s local environment to meet their needs much more closely than has ever been possible in the past,” Barr said.

Member Company Implementations

Since OSGi first announced its open specification effort in March 1999, member companies have rapidly developed new product and services based around it. Many OSGi member companies are showcasing their products based around the latest release of the OSGi specifications at CES 2002. Some of these member companies and their products are:

In addition to demonstrating products, some members are showing deployments of systems based around OSGi technology, including:

  • HomeDirector (http://www.homedirector.com), Echelon and ProSyst – A pilot program to deploy the next generation of Internet-based home networking software applications and services using open-standards service gateways.
  • Telia (http://www.telia.com), Sun and Gatespace – A solution for delivering services to the home is being tested in a residential section of Stockholm – instead of placing a residential gateway in each home, the service gateway is placed inside of a network. Network Service Gateway is based on the OSGi specification.

The Open Services Gateway specification provides an execution environment for services and is designed to complement and enhance virtually all residential networking standards and initiatives, such as Bluetooth, CAL, CEBus, emNET, HAVi, HomePNA, UPnP, HomeRF, Jini technology, LonWorks, VESA and Convergence. In the same way, the specification leverages the value of existing wireline and wireless networks while providing flexibility toward WCDMA, xDSL, cable and other high speed access technologies.

About OSGi 

The Open Services Gateway Initiative (OSGi), established in 1999, is an independent, non-profit corporation working to define and promote open specifications for the delivery of managed broadband services to networks in homes, cars and other environments. OSGi also works to proliferate these open specifications through the sponsorship of technology, market, and user education programs. The San Ramon, California, USA-based organization comprises more than 70 member organizations from around the globe. Membership is open to any interested party, including Internet Service Providers, Network Operators, Original Equipment Manufacturers, Independent Software Vendors, end users, academic institutions, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. The consortium’s Web site address is https://www.osgi.org.


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