OSGi Leadership Awards


The annual OSGi Leadership Awards recognize individuals and/or companies who have made significant contributions to the OSGi Alliance and/or ecosystem.  Award criteria and considerations include:

  • Recognize significant OSGi market/industry/technology contributions by an individual or company
  • Recognize the importance of collaboration, creativity/innovation and accomplishments that benefit the OSGi ecosystem 
  • Award(s) may be presented to internal/OSGi members and/or external/non-members each year 

2017 Leadership Award Winners

The OSGi Alliance announced the winners of its annual Leadership Awards at the 2017 OSGi Community Event in Ludwigsburg, Germany.

OSGi Alliance recognized Tim Verbelen as the top individual and Huawei Technologies Inc. as top organizational contributors to the OSGi Alliance and the OSGi ecosystem for 2017.

2016 Leadership Award Winners

At the OSGi Community Event 2016, the OSGi Alliance recognized Neil Bartlett and Liferay Inc. as the top individual and organizational contributors to the OSGi Alliance and the OSGi ecosystem.


Neil Bartlett, top individual contributor, receives his leadership award from OSGi Alliance President Dan Bandera. At right, Liferay Inc. receives the award for organization contributor from Bandera.