OSGi DevCon 2008

osgi-devcon2008-small The OSGi Alliance held the second OSGi DevCon in North America in conjuction with EclipseCon at the Santa Clara Convention Center from March 17 to 20.
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Long Talks:

We had a very strong program this year. First the long talks, from experience reports, Android, to distribution, to hardware like lego. All talks show how the power of OSGi is becoming more and more used over the whole field of computing.


The DoD, Open Source, and OSGi as a Server Infrastructure Kit Plummer and Brian ONeil
How To Build Large Scale Enterprise Applications Using OSGi David Savage slideshare
 Android and OSGi: Can they work together? BJ Hargrave and Neil Bartlett slideshare
The Virtual OSGi Framework  Jan S. Rellermeyer slideshare
BUG: A Customizable Hardware and Software Platform using Linux, Java, and OSGi Ken Gilmer and Angel Roman slideshare


The tutorials gave a great opportunity to get some hands on experience with OSGi.


Building Secure OSGi Applications Marcel Offermans and Karl Pauls
Remotely deploying Equinox with Maynstall Patrick Dempsey
Spring DM, formerly called Spring-OSGi Bernd Kolb, Adrian Colyer, Martin Lippert, and BJ Hargrave slideshare
The OSGi Complete Pavlin Dobrev slideshare
Getting Started with OSGi, Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Service Registry Neil Bartlett
Maven, Eclipse and OSGi working together  Carlos Sanchez slideshare
An introduction to Pax tools for OSG  Stuart McCulloch slideshare

Short Talks

The Short talks were ten minute talks that provided an insight in a specific topic and a perfect way to get a quick introduction in an area t


From Rock Solid To Bundle Solid Or “Benefits of OSGi in a Command & Control Project Tankut Koray
Enterprise Expert Group Status Report Tim Diekmann & Eric Newcomer slideshare
Why Class.forName sucks! BJ Hargrave slideshare
Introducing OSGi technology to existing projects Nils Hofseth Andersen slideshare
Everything can be a bundle — automatically repairing pre-OSGi code Erik Wistrand slideshare
Modular web applications based on OSGi Jochen Hiller slideshare
Using OSGi Metadata with a Standard Class Loader David Kemper slideshare
Introduction to the Newton Project, distributed OSGi & SCA Robert Dunne
Eclipse Application Container: Not Just for UI Anymore   Thomas Watson
How to distribute Spring Dynamic Modules for OSGi with the Newton Project David Savage
What’s next for OSGi? BJ Hargrave slideshare


And last but not least, we had a panel. The topic that was most submitted this year was the dichotomy between services and extensions. In this area, your perspective usually defines how you look upon these. Coming from Eclipse you probably like extensions, coming from a more traditional OSGi background services look pretty good. Interestingly, the Jazz people seem to have invented some middle ground. The panel had all the experts in the world in this area: BJ Hargrave, Neil Bartlett, Jeff McAffer, and James Branigan. The panel was moderated by Peter Kriens, the OSGi Evangelist.

Panel: Services Versus Extensions Peter Kriens


The OSGi Alliance held a reception on Tuesday ay 19.30hrs which the board of the OSGi Alliance attended.

Additional OSGi Talks

BlueOcean: An OSGi/Eclipse based Middleware for NextGen Collaboration Manu Kuchhal
Methodologies for Test-Driven Development of OSGi enabled Embedded Devices Marcus Harringer, Christine Mitterbauer slideshare
RESTful OSGi Web Applications Tutorial Khawaja S Shams, Jeff Norris slideshare
OSGi, Eclipse and Maven Eugene Kuleshov
Practical testing of Eclipse plugins and OSGi bundles Philippe Ombredanne
Using Dependency Injection to Integrate Eclipse Extensions with OSGi Services Neil Bartlett slideshare
Announcing the Sprint Next Generation Java Platform Mark Rogalski, Joachim Ritter, Jay Indurkar
Transactions in Eclipse Based SOA Roman Roelofsen slideshare