OSGi Certification

The OSGi Alliance Certification Program assures users of interoperability for OSGi applications and services running on a software product certified compliant with a particular OSGi Service Platform Release specification. The certification program enables developers to build solutions for a broader variety of reliable product solutions that include OSGi technology.

The current program certifies compliance for OSGi Service Platform Release 7.

Official compliance tests are available for a fee to OSGi members only.

Member companies run the official compliance tests for an OSGi specification and submit successful test results to the OSGi Alliance for verification that all applicable tests were passed. Once submitted, the member company may announce the software product is certified compliant.

An OSGi Software Product must implement one or more OSGi Specifications and includes an OSGi Framework and a set of zero or more core service bundles. All OSGi Specifications implemented by the OSGi Software Product must implement the OSGi Specification versions defined within the OSGi Release publication used and cited for certification.

The OSGi Alliance grants OSGi members whose OSGi Software Product passes the OSGi Certification Program the right to use the OSGi certification mark for marketing purposes on its product website and in collateral.

Any company using a service platform certified by an OSGi Member may claim compliance for its product. The product may be said to “Contain  OSGi Certified Compliant Software.”

Resource Links

View the Certified Products Register

View the Certification Mark License. Please use your member login and password to view the document.

For any inquiries please email The Certification Authority