OSGi Compliance

The OSGi Alliance administers an OSGi Compliance Program that currently includes three categories of compliance and/or certification.

OSGi Enabled

The OSGi Enabled mark allows software vendors to show customers that their products and services are compliant with one or more OSGi specifications. OSGi Enabled identifies a product or service that is modular in both design and implementation, making it maintainable, flexible and capable of evolving cost-effectively to meet changing operational environments and customer requirements.

OSGi Enabled is available to both member and non-member products and services.

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OSGi Software Product Certification

The OSGi Alliance Certification Program assures users of interoperability for OSGi applications and services running on software products certified compliant with a particular OSGi Service Platform Release specification. The compliance certification program enables developers to build solutions for a broader variety of reliable product solutions that include OSGi technology.

OSGi Software Product Certification is available to OSGi Alliance members only.

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OSGi Developer Certification

The OSGi Alliance offers a Developer Certification Program to validate the skills and knowledge of individual IT professionals with OSGi Technology and the specifications.

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