OSGi Community Event 2013

The OSGi Community Event 2013 was held Oct 29-31 in Ludwigsburg, Germany, co-located with EclipseCon Europe 2013 at the Forum am Sclosspark.

There was a great turnout for the event and our thanks goes to those of you who joined us and of course the speakers.

The conference theme, “Tap into the Broader Ecosystem,” highlighted the unique and rising role OSGi plays in a surprising number of environments and the talks and presentations reflected this. OSGi is increasingly deployed in large-scale distributed systems as well as small, embedded devices and applications, sustaining an ecosystem that includes operators, utilities, enterprise and embedded software vendors, and device and automotive manufacturers. Offerings include enterprise application servers, enterprise service bus, customer premise equipment and telematics solutions.

Conference Schedule & Slides

The OSGi Community Event schedule with slides from the talks and presentations is available below.


09:00-12:00 Mastering OSGi with Ease – SchubartsaalFerry Huberts [Pelagic], Neil Bartlett [Paremus Ltd]
12:00-12:30 Exhibits Open
12:30-14:00 Lunch
Time Keynote
14:00-15:00 Single Points of Failure: The Human Element of Software Engineering Brian Fitzpatrick [Google]

Time Schubartsaal Slides Seminarräume 1-3 Slides
15:00-15:35 (Web) Applications Made Simple with OSGi 

Peter Kriens

Going Native With The OSGi Service Layer 

Sascha Zelzer [German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ)]

15:35-15:45 Transition Time
15:45-16:20 Monitoring OSGi Applications with the Web Console

Carsten Ziegeler [Adobe]

Testing OSGi the “groovy” way

Lars Pfannenschmidt , Dennis Nobel [itemis AG]

16:20-16:45 Break
16:45-17:20 Device Abstraction in OSGi Based Embedded Systems

Dimitar Valtchev [ProSyst Software GmbH]

OSGi Remote Services

Alexander Broekhuis [Luminis Arnhem], Bram de Kruijff [Luminis Technologies]

17:20-17:30 Transition Time
17:30-18:30 What’s cool in the new and updated OSGi specs (DS, Cloud and more)

David Bosschaert [Red Hat], Carsten Ziegeler [Adobe]

OSGi Lightning Talks

Session Moderator – Mike Francis [Paremus]

OSGi Puzzlers – Neil Bartlett & Peter Kriens
iPOPO: Service-Oriented components in Python – Thomas Calmant
Polyglot Persistence with OSGi – Alexander Grzesik
A Introduction to Apache ACE – Jago de Vreede & Marcel Offermans
When is ‘optional’ really optional? – Tim Ward
18:30-19:15 Stammtisch
19:15-20:15 Cirque d’Eclipse
20:30-21:30 BOFs

Time Keynote
09:00-10:00 Scaling Pinterest

Marty Weiner [Pinterest]

10:00-10:30 Break
Time Schubartsaal Slides Seminarräume 1-3 Slides
10:30-11:05 DS, BP, EJB, CDI, WTF!?

Graham Charters [IBM]

Open The Box

Fred Rivard [IS2T], Francois Bodet

11:05-11:15 Transition Time
11:15-11:50 TRESOR: The modular cloud – Building a domain specific cloud platform with OSGi

Alexander Grzesik [medisite Systemhaus GmbH]

The PowerMatcher – making the electricity grid smarter

Aldo Eisma [IBM]

11:50-12:15 Exhibits Open
12:15-13:45 Lunch
13:45-14:20 Building dynamic distributed data stores with OSGi

Tim Ward [Paremus Ltd]

OSGi-based management of distributed renewable power sources

Andreas Gerstmeier [EnBW ODR AG]

14:20-14:30 Transition Time
14:30-15:05 Dynamic Hybrid Cloud Applications

Bram de Kruijff [Luminis Technologies], Alexander Broekhuis [Luminis Arnhem]

Smart and Highly Scalable Lifecycle Management for Embedded Devices

Thomas Hott [ProSyst Software GmbH], Rainer Eschrich [Oracle]

15:05-15:15 Transition Time
15:15-15:50 Distributed Eventing in OSGi

Carsten Ziegeler [Adobe]

The OSGi world of REST

Dragos Dascalita Haut [Adobe Systems]

15:50-16:15 Break
16:15-16:50 Never A Wrong (Semantic) Version Again!

Ferry Huberts [Pelagic]

STMicroelectronics Smart Home Reference Designs – Turnkey platforms with compatible software to facilitates application development

Luca Celetto [STMicroelectronics]

16:50-17:00 Transition Time
17:00-17:35 Robust collaboration services with OSGi

Satya Maheshwari

17:35-18:00 Exhibits Open
18:00-19:00 Reception
19:00-20:00 OSGi BOF – Silchersaal

OSGi en Route: What Is It?


Time OSGi Keynote Slides
09:00-10:00 Travelling Light for the Long Haul

Ian Robinson [IBM]

10:00-10:30 Break
Time Schubartsaal Slides
10:30-11:05 For Coordination, State Component Transitions

Radoslaw Szymanek [Crossing-Tech], Simon Bliudze [EPFL, Rigorous System Design lab]l

11:05-11:15 Transition Time
11:15-11:50 Continuous Automated Deployment with Apache ACE

Jago de Vreede [Luminis Technologies], Marcel Offermans [Luminis Technologies]

11:50-12:15 Exhibits Open
12:15-13:30 Lunch
13:30-14:05 Test Driven Development with OSGi

Balázs Zsoldos [Everit Kft.]

14:05-14:15 Transition Time
14:15-14:50 Building modular software with OSGi

Ulf Fildebrandt

14:50-15:00 Transition Time
15:00-15:45 Closing Session



If you have any other questions or comments then please contact the OSGi Community Event 2013 Program Committee by email.