OSGi and JavaScript Workshop 2013

We are pleased to announce that we will be hosting a free OSGi and JavaScript Workshop at OSGi DevCon 2013. This workshop is open to both conference (OSGi DevCon / EclipseCon) and non-conference delegates. Registration for this workshop is essential as places are strictly limited due to room size.

WHEN: Thursday March 28, 2013
TIME: 13.30hrs to 15.30hrs
LOCATION: Waterfront Ballroom 1
COST: Free, Registration ESSENTIAL

Workshop Overview

Simon Kaegi, who is presenting at OSGi DevCon on OSGi and Javascript, will be hosting this workshop which will look at how OSGi concepts might map to JavaScript. The aim of the session will be to gather requirements and foster discussion around producing an OSGi Alliance RFP.

OSGi has historically focused on Java, however many of the concepts and approaches are universally applicable to other programming languages. With the advent of NodeJS JavaScript is increasingly being used as a systems language and is going through growing pains similar to what Java experienced ten years ago. Its an excellent time to look at how OSGi might provide value to the JavaScript community,

The workshop will consist of a short presentation introducing some of the key OSGi concepts as they apply to JavaScript as well as providing a few suggestions on areas where we might get started. The remainder of the workshop will be devoted to open discussion and requirements gathering towards producing the skeleton of an RFP document.

Workshop Lead Bio

Simon Kaegi works as a software developer for IBM Rational at the software lab in beautiful Ottawa, Canada. Simon is co-lead of the Orion project, and a member of the Eclipse core team. In the past he’s been involved with Equinox (server-side, p2, and compendium), e4 (JavaScript modularity and debug), and JSDT.


If you have any other questions or comments then please contact the OSGi DevCon 2013 Program Committee by email.