OSGi Alliance Logo Usage Policy


Version 2.0

Who May Use the OSGi Logo

The OSGi logo is a trademark, and can only be used by authorized licensees, in accordance with the usage guidelines.

All members of the OSGi Alliance are granted a license to display the OSGi Logo on their own websites to indicate their membership in the OSGi Alliance. This license grant is not an endorsement of your organization, its activities, or its individuals, and no such endorsement should be implied, construed or stated.

All others seeking to use the OSGi Logo must seek written permission from the OSGi Alliance – obtain approval from either the OSGi Liaison Executive Committee or the OSGi Board of Directors – then obtain the logo itself from the OSGi Alliance Association Management Firm.

How to use the OSGi Logo

To ensure proper usage of the OSGi Corporate logo, we have provided guidelines, descriptions and illustrations of the trademarked OSGi logo. All materials designed for advertising, promotion, direct mail or other purposes using the OSGi Corporate Logo, must comply with these guidelines.

Please make note that your adherence to these guidelines is a requirement of use of the OSGi Corporate logo.

There are no other authorized OSGi Corporate logos. This Corporate logo and its variations illustrated in this guideline are the only logos currently approved for use by OSGi Members by the OSGi Alliance.

The OSGi Corporate logo is not to be used as a compliance seal.

Enlargements and reductions should only be made from an official master logo sheet or computer file. Copies of the master logos are available through the OSGi Alliance Association Management Firm. Never obscure, cut off or place any design over the logo. The logo should not be altered proportionally in any way. It must not be used in an outline form.

Presentation and Press Material Place the Corporate logo prominently, and keep it separate from the other type and symbols. In headlines or text, typeset the OSGi name – do not use the logo artwork.

Exhibits/Promotional Items On text panels and banners, typeset the name in a style and size compatible with other copy.

Corporate Logo Elements

The OSGi Corporate logo consists of three elements: the word “OSGi”, the word “Alliance” and artwork. These elements have been carefully designed to fit together in a balanced form and the relationships should not be altered.


The logo must always be reproduced in a manner that will ensure maximum clarity and provide sufficient background on which it appears. When the logo is reproduced in very large sizes for use in displays, signs, etc., special care must be taken that when enlarging that the integrity of the design is not lost.

OSGi Umbrella Brand positive Version


OSGi Umbrella Brand negative Version


Correct Color Reproduction

There are different versions of the logo available.

  • Color version Print (CMYK) against a light background and a dark background
  • Color version Print (Pantone) against a light background and a dark background
  • Color version Web/PowerPoint (RGB) against a light background and a dark background
  • Grey scale version against a light background and a dark background
  • Black and white version against a light background and a dark background

In all cases, the logos must use the established OSGi Corporate Color Palette. The OSGi Alliance Association Management Firm can provide electronic and/or hard copy versions of each.

CMYK (Print)

dark orange 0/80/100/0, orange 0/55/100/0,
halftone orange 50% – 0/55/100/0, blue 100/40/0/55

Pantone (3-colored for Print)

dark orange Pantone 173, orange Pantone 144,
halftone orange 50% – Pantone 144, blue Pantone 2955

RGB (Web/PowerPoint)

dark orange 232/82/19, orange 241/138/0,
halftone orange 250/199/138, blue 0/67/112, white 255/255/255

Grey scale (positive)

75% black, 50% black, 30% black, 100% black

Grey scale (negative)

60% black, 40% black, 20% black, 100% black, white

Black and white

100% black, white

OSGi Corporate Color


OSGi Logo Color


OSGi Logo Grey scale positive


OSGi Logo Grey scale negative


OSGi Logo black and white


Minimum Margin of Clearance

The margin of clearance surrounding the OSGi logo has been established to ensure ease of legibility for all applications. No other elements, including typography, other logos, graphics or photos may intrude upon this margin of clearance Area.

The margin of clearance surrounding the logo is defined as “x”. The value x is equivalent to 1/5th of the height of the OSGi logo.

Note: The registration mark (“™”) is proportionally fixed to fit the logo. Do not pair with any type or join or concatenate it with another logo or symbol. In a document, for example, an approved press release, place the OSGi Corporate logo at a distance of at least a half of the page width (or width of the screen, banner, etc.) from your own corporate logo, and balance it visually with other elements.

Never translate the logo into other languages.


Prohibited Alliance Logo Usage

The logo must have the word “Alliance” beneath the OSGi title and symbol.

Avoid manipulating the size or shape of the logo.


Minimum Size

The minimum reproduction size should be at least 1.5″ in width.



For further information about the corporate design and/or specific logo requests and approvals please contact our Executive Director, John Ehrig.