OSGi Developer Event in China

The OSGi Alliance will hold its first developer event in China on March 28, 2017, in Shenzhen from 19:00-21:30. Please join us. The event is open to all interested developers, including experts and beginners interested in learning about OSGi technology. For more details or to register for the event, visit the event website. For questions, contact [email protected].

OSGi Alliance Board Director Kai Hackbarth will formally open the event, followed by presentations and use cases from Huawei, Liferay and Bosch, covering topics ranging from OSGi and IoT and the IoT Expert Group, to developing with OSGi and Bndtools.

Huawei Corporation is hosting the event at its Shenzhen Research and Development Center. Huawei, Liferay, Bosch and the China OSGi Users’ Forum are arranging the event and speakers. The OSGi Alliance thanks to the Shenzhen Java Users Group for its support in promoting the event to the local development community.

Registration is required and identification will be required to access the meeting. Full details of the event and how to register can be found at the event website.