OSGi Alliance 20th Anniversary

Hear From Past Presidents, OSGi Fellows, Laureates & Leadership Award Winners

Over the years, OSGi Alliance has received tremendous industry and member support and especially from the OSGi Fellows who have been recognized for their outstanding technical achievements in developing OSGi technology, contributions to the organization and the OSGi Laureates for their contributions and leadership achievements in driving the OSGi Alliance and the adoption of OSGi technology.

Read on to hear from some of the OSGi past presidents, Fellows, Laureates and Leadership Award winners as they take a look back at OSGi Alliance over the last 20 years.

Richard Nicholson, Former OSGi President (2011-2012) — CEO at Paremus

“We stand at a crossroads. Software systems are reaching into every corner of our modern lives: from smart homes, autonomous vehicles, smart cities and the Internet of Things to name a few. In parallel, software systems have never been so operational complex; cybersecurity never before such an issue; and the ability effectively maintain cost, adapt and re-use to ensure economic sustainability has never been more important.”

“As indicated by a recent CIO survey, cloud, virtualization, containerization, polyglot microservices and other IT fashions are demonstrably failing to address the issues of technology complexity and operational expenditure.  Meanwhile, since its inception in 1999, the OSGi Alliance has steadily developed open industry standards to build sophisticated, self-maintaining, software ecosystems: systems which are highly maintainable, adaptable and even capable of self-evolving over time. Already used in mission-critical systems such as defense, air traffic control and the European Space Agency’s ground-based systems for the JUICE Jupiter flyby – OSGi provides the essential modular foundations for tomorrow’s true smart city and smart industry solutions.”

“Paremus has been involved in the OSGi Alliance since 2008 and has had the privilege to participate in the creation of many OSGi Alliance specifications working with some of the most talented engineers in the industry.  The fundamental issues of complexity and adaptability at scale ensure that OSGi’s golden era lies ahead of us.”

Thomas Watson, OSGi Fellow 

“Wow, 20 years already! I remember working with OSGi in the early days and realizing the great power of the small module framework. At that time, I was developing software for embedded systems and OSGi was a perfect fit for dynamically updating the small devices. It became clear that OSGi technology could greatly benefit other application domains outside of the embedded space.  Later I got involved in the Eclipse project to migrate the Eclipse IDE implementation to the OSGi runtime. It was a great challenge to make the move as smooth as possible for the already large Eclipse community. In the end, OSGi proved to be the right choice for providing the module runtime behind the Eclipse plugin model. I continue to be impressed with all involved in the OSGi specification process and to this day, I continue to use OSGi for developing module runtimes such as Open Liberty and Eclipse project.  It has been great to see how far OSGi has come over the years.”

Ben Reed, OSGi Fellow 

“How quickly 20 years pass! It is impressive to see that OSGi is still alive and well!”

“I remember when OSGi first started, there were so many good ideas and so much passion to figure out the right way to get Java to be the truly dynamic platform that it seemed like it could be. We had just gotten over the wonder of this new platform that promised to securely write-once/run-anywhere using code provisioned on-the-fly to devices. We were beginning to realize that there were many holes in Java that we needed to fill to make it truly modular and dynamic.  We had to figure out classloader issues, service discovery, permission management, and then choose names for everything. It seemed so easy in the beginning, but it was a lot of work, especially the name choosing part!”

“Sometimes there are problems that all developers need solve. Each developer can come up with their own solution, but occasionally a few group-up to solve problems for the many. OSGi is one such group. Thank you for all your hard work and great solutions!”

“I wish you the best for the next 20 years!”

Peter Kriens, OSGi Fellow — CEO at aQute SARL 

“After 20 years I am still proud of the work we’ve done developing the OSGi specifications. Even after all that time, I know of no better environment to do software engineering than OSGi.”

Richard S. Hall, OSGi Fellow  

“OSGi technology proved to be ahead of the curve with respect to its focus on modularity and service orientation. Congratulations on 20 years of making an impact.”

BJ Hargrave, OSGi Fellow & OSGi Chief Technology Officer

“It is immensely gratifying to see that the basic architecture of OSGi: modules, lifecycle, and services, put in place 20 years ago in Release 1 is still serving us well today. The OSGi Alliance has been able to successfully build upon that base and continuously add new capabilities and features and integrate with other enterprise Java APIs leading up to our current Release 7 specifications. OSGi has led the way to bring modularity, semantic versioning and a service-oriented architecture to the Java landscape.”

Dr. Susan Schwarze, OSGi Laureate

“It has been my great pleasure to contribute to the alliance’s success for about 15 years and to collaborate with very bright people in a fruitful environment for our all benefit. This vibrant greenhouse atmosphere has not only attracted bright pioneers with profound expertise and the interest to learn and jointly develop, it also has enabled – and still does – a strong cooperation among industry stakeholders years ahead of the mainstream. As the “best-kept secret” OSGi started in Smart Home to define specifications for device connectivity back in 1998; these specifications are still used by the industries for enabling device connectivity and data interchange in nowadays business. Since then, OSGi has gone a long way to not only provide a valuable foundation for IoT business (cloud and edge), but also Java modularity and microservices years ahead of broad industry awareness for such needs. Be part of the OSGi Alliance and you will know what will come next! In addition, you can find good friends to also discuss and share insights beyond OSGi – in my case food and drinks, astronomical and societal challenges, languages and cultures, movies and music and much more. Happy anniversary, OSGi Alliance, and my very best wishes for your future!”

Ryutaro Kawamura, OSGi Laureate — Senior Vice President, Executive Director at NTT Laboratories

“Congratulations on the big milestone of the OSGi 20th anniversary. Not many technical organizations have been able to deliver such industrial impact. This is a culmination of how many talented engineers have accurately predicted the needs of the future market and the evolution of technologies. We look forward to the further development of our efforts to drive innovative software technology in the future.”

Stan Moyer, OSGi Laureate — Vice President & Executive Director at Inventures

“Congratulations to the OSGi Alliance – a 20-year milestone for a technology alliance is a significant accomplishment and is a testament to the excellence of the organization’s specifications and the value of the technology to the industry. Over the years, the Alliance explored several markets and found the best match for its technology in the Enterprise space and this has proven to demonstrate continued success for the OSGi Alliance.”

John Barr, PhD, OSGi Laureate — Retired Director of Standards Realization for Motorola, Inc.

“As one of the founding members of the OSGi Alliance in 1999, and its first president, it is humbling to see what is being done now with the latest release of the OSGi Core Specification. Motorola was interested in the promise of a modular service-based platform for Internet gateways, automotive electronics and mobile phones. The OSGi Alliance has done this and more over the last twenty years and should be a technology leader for many more years. The member collaborative environment we created has allowed member contributed intellectual property that is royalty-free for use by implementers and users.”

“I am very pleased to see all of the progress made by the members of the OSGi Alliance since its founding in 1999.”

“Without the forward-thinking model for collaboration created by the founding members and the significant contributions of the OSGi Fellows, the OSGi Alliance would not be where it is today.”

Tim Verbelen — OSGi Leadership Award Recipient

“As a researcher, working with OSGi technology and it’s tooling ecosystem offers me the flexibility and agility required to quickly build new prototypes, while still being able to reuse many of my early developments. Even after 20 years OSGi still feels fresh and I can’t wait to put my hands on upcoming R8 features.”