OSGi Alliance 2004 World Congress to feature Neo Labs tour


The OSGi Alliance 2004 World Congress to feature tour of the eNeo Labs Connected Home 

Model Home in outskirts of Barcelona is powered by OSGi technology

San Ramon, CA. – August 3, 2004 – The networked life and working environment is one of today’s hot topics, with “Smart Homes” undergoing trials in several countries around the world. A leading example is the eNeo Labs Connected Home located in the outskirts of Barcelona, Spain, and unlike other smart home projects, the eNeo Labs Connected Home is not a pilot but features a real family living at the home. Nearly every device in this home is networked using OSGi technology. Hundreds of technology executives and developers from Europe, Asia and the Americas will gather this October 11-15 in Barcelona, Spain for the OSGi Alliance 2004 World Congress at the Hilton Barcelona. This event will draw the world’s top experts on commercially available and developing OSGi implementations, offering focused tracks for the mobile, automotive and home markets as promised by its theme “Convergence: Going Mobile, Driving, and Staying Home with OSGi Solutions.” Register online at www.osgiworldcongress.com to take advantage of special registration discounts and to sign up for a tour of the eNeo Labs Connected Home.

Nearly every aspect of the eNeo Labs Connected Home from lights, blinds, centralized vacuum, shower, security cameras to the swimming pool is networked and automated. The “nerve center” of the eNeo Connected Home is the IPbox residential gateway based on OSGi technology. Many of the domestic and automotive innovations developed and trialed at eNeo will be unveiled to the public for the first time during the OSGi Alliance 2004 World Congress. Space is available on a first-come first-serve basis for up to 40 registrants of the OSGi Alliance 2004 World Congress. eNeo Labs is sponsoring the tour of the Connected Home, including round-trip transportation and refreshments.

The technology at the eNeo Connected Home consists of a residential gateway – the IPbox, a middleware system named eNeoNet and an aggregation of advanced services accessible via eNeo Labs residential portal SiempreEnCasa (“Always at Home”). The IPbox residential gateway is permanently connected to a broadband network through ADSL. This permanent, always on, broadband connection allows full management and service provisioning of services between the Data Center and the eNeo Connected Home.

At the touch of a button the family members residing in this home can invoke pre-programmed scenarios for “Waking Up”, “Going on Vacation”, “Leaving Home”, “Watching Cinema” among others. Selecting any one of these scenarios activates pre-programmed settings on the various devices from different manufacturers in the home. Also, since the eNeo Labs Connected Home features a real family, the project is providing invaluable feedback on the sociological impact of these services on the daily life of this family. The home is built using environmentally friendly and sustainable construction materials, and it uses solar energy.

“We are excited to offer registrants at the OSGi Alliance 2004 World Congress a glimpse of how OSGi technology is creating Smart Homes of the future” said Javier Zamora, General Manager of eNeo Labs. “The eNeo Connnected Home is seamlessly automated home which adapts to the personality of its occupants. OSGi technology is the glue that enables us to create a devoted personal assistant – albeit an invisible one – tirelessly catering to the preferences and needs of the occupants of the home, from within and providing secure access from mobile phones and automobiles when they are away”

About the OSGi Alliance

The OSGi Alliance and its members specify, create, advance, and promote wide industry adoption of an open delivery and management platform for application services in home, commercial buildings, automotive and industrial environments. The OSGi Alliance serves as the focal point for a collaborative ecosystem of service providers, developers, manufacturers, and consumers. The OSGi specifications define a standardized, component oriented, computing environment for networked services. OSGi technology is currently being delivered in products and services shipping from several Fortune 100 companies. The OSGi Alliance’s horizontal software integration platform is ideal for both vertical and cross-industry business models within home, vehicle, mobile and industrial environments. As an independent non-profit corporation, the OSGi Alliance also provides for the fair and uniform creation and distribution of relevant intellectual property – including specifications, reference implementations, and test suites – to all its members. www.osgi.org

Member companies of OSGi Alliance include: 4DHomeNet, Inc., Alpine Electronics Europe, Gmbh, AMI-C, Aplix Corporation, Atinav Inc., Belgacom, BMW Group, Cablevision Systems, Deutsche Telekom, Echelon Corporation, Electricité de France (EDF), Esmertec, Espial Group, Inc., France Telecom, Fraunhofer Institute Integrierte Schaltunger, Gatespace Telematics AB, Gemplus, IBM Corporation, Insignia Solutions, Institute for Infocomm Research, KDDI R&D Laboratories, Inc., Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Motorola, Inc., NEC Corporation, Nokia Corporation, NTT, Oracle Corporation, Panasonic Technologies, Inc., Philips Consumer Electronics, ProSyst Software AG, Robert Bosch Gmbh, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Sharp Corporation, Siemens AG, Sun Microsystems, Inc., Telcordia Technologies, Inc., Telefonica I+D, TeliaSonera, Texas Instruments, Inc., Toshiba Corporation

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Global Inventures creates and operates collaborative communities in the technology market. Our experts work with community founders and members to incubate, structure, and operate these collaborative communities so that they can successfully create ecosystems, drive technology innovation, and educate buyers. Since its inception Global Inventures has launched 20 collaborative communities, managed the creation of more than 20 collaborative industry specifications, created and managed seven compliance/certification programs, and helped develop markets with more than $10 Billion in addressable value. The firm uniquely blends people, processes, and technology to help collaborative communities move from blueprints to market acceptance.

Global Inventures successfully produced the 2003 OSGi Alliance World Congress, and its event production staff provides end-to-end event planning and implementation for conferences, expos, member meetings and outreach seminars. Global Inventures – Accelerating Results Through Collaboration™ (www.inventures.com)

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