ProSyst provides mBS, the best-of-breed hardware and OS agnostic gateway middleware stack for gateways and end devices.

  • Optimized for the use in commercial embedded and resource contrained platforms and products.
  • Provides TR-069 and TR-157 based remote management agent, incl. service and application lifecycle management.
  • Open to support ETSI M2M, OneM2M, MQTT and other (e.g. prorietary) protocols
  • Includes connectivity support for X10, Web Cameras, Bluetooth, wMBus, DECT and other protocols.
  • Comes with integrated device abstraction layer.
  • Ported and optimized for many JVMs and OSs such as Linux, Android, etc.
  • Comes with rich remote access capabilities (Java, JCA, JMS, Web Services (SOAP, REST), JSON-RPC).
  • and more …

For further information: http://www.prosyst.com/what-we-do/industry-40/products/