mBS Telematics

20150713_ProSystBG-RGB_72dpi_500x500mBS Telematics is an open and modular software middleware platform for Telematics devices or roadside units (e.g. for Smart mobility, Cat-tox communication, Toll systems, Advanced Driver Assistance systems, etc.). It contains:

  • ProSyst’s own, low-footprint and certified OSGi implementation compliant to the latest OSGi release (mBS)
  • Automotive protocol supported such as CAN
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) for 3rd party developers, based on the Eclipse IDE
  • OMA-DM based remote management agent, incl. service and application lifecycle management
  • Integrated web server and web framework for rich web-based interfaces
  • Sophisticated resource management support, enhancing runtime robustness and reliability
  • Intelligent, extensible native watchdog agent
  • Ported and optimized for many JVMs and OSs such as Linux, Windows, Android, and more.

For more information, see http://www.prosyst.com/index.php/de/html/content/141/Telematics-Products-In-Vehicle-Software-mBS-Telematics-SDK/

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