mBS Mobile

20150713_ProSystBG-RGB_72dpi_500x500mBS Mobile is a carrier grade embedded OSGi solution integrated and optimized for a variety of smart phone platforms. It is built over ProSyst’s award winning and certified OSGi implementation mBedded Server Professional Edition. mBS Mobile provides highest availability, scalability and reliability and sets new standards for performance and memory efficiency through several unique technology innovations.

  • Fully compliant to OSGi R4 Core, OSGi R4 Mobile and JSR 232 specifications
  • Tightly integrated with target operating systems Contains fully featured remote management agent (based on OMA-DM)
  • Adds platform support for Web Widgets (i.e. W3C, JIL, Opera, Bondi) applications
  • Full security support with dynamic, manageable device policy
  • Perfomance and footprint optimized

For more information, see http://www.prosyst.com/index.php/de/html/content/46/Mobile-OSGi-Runtimes/.

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