The OSGi keynote speaker for the 2019 Community Event is Matt Rutkowski, IBM CTO Serverless Technologies and he will be speaking on Java in the Age of Serverless: The Path Forward.


The use of Serverless computing has reached a point where any serious company would be foolish to ignore its cost savings and other benefits against a wide array of proven use cases.  From API Management, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cognitive to DevOps, Mobile and the Internet-of-Things (IoT), Serverless is proving itself as an accessible means for efficiently processing and transforming data in large volumes, on-demand, with little or no operational considerations for developers. As Serverless adoption increases, what are the considerations and implications for the Java developer and as a language going forward?  We will explore this question from the perspective of the speaker, who was an early Java fan and developer, but whose path diverged to projects that used other popular languages and today serves as a Serverless technologist who understands the mind-set and expectations of Serverless developers.

About Matt Rutkowski

Matt Rutkowski, IBM CTO Serverless Technologies, is an STSM and Master Inventor at IBM and has worked to develop open infrastructure and industry standards along with open source for over nearly 20 years in industries including Government, Banking and Digital Media and Entertainment. His focus areas include Orchestration, Content Protection, Key Mgmt. and Audit and Compliance. Most recently, he has been working on Cloud Native technologies with focus on Serverless and is the proposer, PMC member and Committer to the Apache OpenWhisk Serverless platform project. Most recently, he has turned his sights on expanding the reach of Serverless to more developers by participating in Work Groups for Google’s Knative project focusing on Eventing, Runtimes and Build along with Continuous Delivery (CD) integrations via Tekton. In the past, he was a Committer to OpenStack Security and Orchestration projects based upon standards he helped develop at both OASIS and DMTF Standards organizations. Specifically, he served as Chair & Lead Editor for the OASIS TOSCA Simple Profile Orchestration Standard used by Telcos; as well as Founding the DMTF Cloud Auditing (CADF) Standard. Matt also served as the Lead editor for the OASIS IDCloud Technical Committee which outlined hybrid Cloud Security use cases and practices when Cloud was in its early days.  Matt hopes that someday he will be able to figure out how find time to use any of these technologies to help him write compelling RPG games in his non-existent “spare time”.