Membership Benefits & Fees


As an OSGi Alliance member, you and your company will have the ability to contribute to the leadership of the OSGi technology, participate directly within the membership – at your desired level of involvement, shape the development and evolution of the OSGi specification, and receive the added benefits of OSGi marketing.



Shape the OSGi Alliance specification. Work together with industry leaders. Drive the standardization of a flexible integration platform. Gain competitive advantage. Think outside of the box. Cooperate with industry leaders. Discover new business opportunities and potential markets.
Take advantage of the global cross-industry service platform. Integrates today’s islands. Enables cross-industry business models. Benefit from the global reputation of the OSGi Alliance brand. Global awareness. Cross-industry publicity in major business fields.
Exchange information in your development community. OSGi Expert Groups. Discuss with developers and further develop ideas. Improve your organization’s product solutions. Benefit from powerful OSGi Alliance marketing resources. Use the various website opportunities. Collateral and global marketing events. Increase the awareness of your company profile, business or product solutions and deployments.
Benefit from the features of the platform. Modular architecture. Defined interfaces. Future-proof platform, connectivity, easy upgrade and extension. Improve your market knowledge. Use the OSGi Alliance knowledge base. Network with people and companies at member meetings.
Certification process provides reliable products. Six platforms are already R4 certified.


Membership Levels and Fee Summary










  US $25,000 per year US $25,000 per year
  US $20,000 per year US $10,000 per year
  US $5,000 per year

*Individuals counted towards the size of an organization are all employees, contractors and agents acting on behalf of the member organization.

Membership Benefits Summary

Feature member companies press releases on OSGi Alliance web-site✔✔   Participate in OSGi Press Releases and promotional activities✔✔   Voting privilege in Expert Groups✔✔   Vote to ratify specifications✔✔   Participation in OSGi Compliance Program to certify products✔✔   Access to Compliance Tests✔✔Max of 2 individuals (i)  Fee for JSR TCK commercial licensing for JSR 232 and JSR 291 (ii)No FeeModerate FeeN/A (No commercial license available for this tier, but does have same access as “Public”)US $50k/3-year for each TCK (iii)US $50k/3-year for each TCK (iii)Fee for OSGi Compliance Tests commercial license (iv)No FeeNo FeeMembership Upgrade Fee (v)US $150k for 3-year License (iii)US $150k for 3-year License (iii)Number of individuals eligible for OSGi Alliance paid membership privilegesUnlimitedUnlimitedMax of 2 individuals (i)  Access to select members-only web pages on✔✔Max of 2 individuals (i)  Subscribe to Member email reflector✔✔Max of 2 individuals (i)  Eligible to attend OSGi annual membership meeting✔✔Max of 2 individuals (i)  Eligible to join Expert Groups✔✔Max of 2 individuals (i)

Expert Group activities:

a) Propose work items
b) Contribute to work items
c) Contribute IP to OSGi specifications
d) Contribute to reference implementations
e) Contribute to compliance tests

✔✔Max of 2 individuals (i)  Subscribe to Expert Group email reflector✔✔Max of 2 individuals (i)  Subscribe to Requirements email reflector✔✔Max of 2 individuals (i)  Write access (OSGi repo) to Requirements Committee documents✔✔Max of 2 individuals (i)  Access to Reference Implementations✔✔Max of 2 individuals (i)  Early access to Draft OSGi specifications✔✔Max of 2 individuals (i)  Early access to Final OSGi specifications✔✔Max of 2 individuals (i)  Subscribe to Marketing email reflector✔✔Max of 2 individuals (i)  Access to Marketing Committee documents✔✔Max of 2 individuals (i)  Use of select OSGi TrademarksNo FeeModerate FeeN/A (No commercial license available for this tier)  Use of select OSGi Trademarks✔✔✔  Eligible to join Working Groups/Committees✔✔✔  Eligible to propose new Expert Groups✔✔✔  Participate in OSGi Marketing events✔✔✔  Discounts for OSGi workshops and community events✔✔✔  Provide input to Marketing Committee documents✔✔✔  Attend Marketing Committee meetings✔✔✔
Non Voting  Listing on✔✔✔✔ Use/display appropriate OSGi member logo✔✔✔✔ Display OSGi Logo on member web-site and collateral and link to website from member web-site and collatera✔✔✔✔ Provide input to Requirements Committee documents✔✔✔✔✔Attend Requirements Committee meetings✔✔✔
Non Voting✔
Non Voting✔
Non VotingNo-charge access to released OSGi specifications✔✔✔✔✔



















Eligible as a candidate for Board of Directors
Vote to elect Board of Directors & Officers
Eligible to Chair Expert Groups
Eligible as candidate in OSGi Officer elections
Link to member company’s web-site on

i) Where shown, a maximum of 2 specific individuals have OSGi Alliance member-only web site, mailing list, and face-to-face meeting participation privileges. Contributing Associates may add more individual participants for a per-individual per-year fee.

ii) Ability to claim “Compliant with JSR 232” and/or “Compliant with JSR 291” if software passes the Compliance Tests.

iii) Qualified Non-Profit organizations and Qualified Individuals may be granted license without fee upon approval by the OSGi Alliance Board of Directors.

iv) Ability to claim “Compliant with OSGi Alliance specifications” if software passes the Compliance Tests.

v) Upgrades the Contributing Associate to a Principal member and resets their membership anniversary date.

An organization can become an OSGi Alliance Supporter at no charge by executing the OSGi Supporter Agreement.