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Richard Nicholson, CEO and Founder of Paremus ( has been a member of the OSGi Alliance Board since 2010, and served as President between 2011 and 2013.  Paremus offered the industry’s first distributed OSGi Cloud runtime, the Service Fabric, in 2005, and have been actively promoting the fundamental importance of structural modularity in advanced distributed/Cloud-based systems since then.

Paremus’ involvement with the OSGi Alliance started in 2006, with the submission of RFP 75: RMI and Serialisation for OSGi, the foundations of what is now Remote Services/Distributed OSGi. Further Paremus contributions have included RFP 103 Class Loading Improvements, RFP 133 OSGi & Cloud Computing, RFP 158 Distributed Eventing, RFC 183 Cloud Ecosystems and OSGi, published specifications for the new R5 Resolver and most recently new specifications for Java Promises and Asynchronous Services.

In addition, the Paremus team continues its involvement in OSGi industry activities including leading the Bndtools initiative ( and contributing to the Apache Aries and Felix projects.

Paremus provides a range of OSGi training and consulting services to help organizations accelerate their adoption of OSGi and to assist with the individual’s preparation for the OSGi developer certification program, currently under development by the Alliance.

Richard’s blog can be found at:

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