Learning Resources & Tutorials

We are pleased to provide some tutorials and learning resources for working with and using OSGi technology. If you are new or just starting out and ready to start building an application with OSGi, we encourage you to visit OSGi enRoute for a quick start.

The OSGi Alliance events, such as the annual OSGi Community Event, provide excellent opportunities to learn more about OSGi and participate in hands-on tutorials and learn from some of the OSGi experts and your peers. Slides and videos from previous OSGi Alliance events’ are also available online.

A number of OSGi Alliance members offer training courses, further details of these can be found below.


OSGi enRoute Tutorials – A Quick Start To OSGi

OSGi enRoute offers a way to quickly build modular systems by providing a complete development chain that allows you to get some of the benefits of OSGi. The following tutorials are available:

1. Quick Start Tutorial
Develop a project that creates a single page web-application.
2. Distributed OSGi with Zookeeper
Build a trivial Chat application using distributed OSGi.
3. Base Tutorial
Develop a project that creates a simple server application that interacts with an OSGi console shell.
4. Bundle Wrapping (beta)
Detailed steps available to you when you wrap a bundle in an OSGi enRoute workspace.
5. IoT Tutorial
Use OSGi enRoute to develop an application for a Raspberry Pi.
6. Maven Repositories
Use remote Maven repositories like Nexus and/or Artifactory.

Other Tutorials

There are a number of older tutorials an online resources available on the internet. The age of these often means that they do not provide all of the latest best practices but for anyone interested you can find them in our Tutorial Archive.

OSGi Alliance Member Training

The following OSGi Alliance members offer OSGi training courses.