Developer Kits

The following is a list of member companies you can contact to obtain a developer kit for the OSGi Alliance Service Platform:

  • Makewave AB
  • IBM Corporation
    • IBM Lotus® Expeditor
      Expeditor is IBM’s primary product for OSGi developers and deployers targeting desktop and mobile applications ( although many IBM products use OSGi technology internally, this product enables IBM customers to build and deploy OSGi technology based solutions themselves). View features and benefits.
    • WebSphere® Application Server (WAS) can help businesses offer richer user experiences through the rapid delivery of innovative applications.

    Beginning with V7 (with the WAS V7 Feature Pack for OSGi Applications installed) WAS fully supports the OSGi Enterprise Applications programming model.
    OSGi Applications programming model: Rapidly build, deploy, manage, and maintain modular applications using Java EE and OSGi technologies through versioned, isolated, and reusable OSGi bundles.
    Realize improved TCO with performance enhancements to Java EE applications, OSGi applications, SOA applications, product startup times, application server creation times and installation times for typical business critical large applications.
    Beginning with V8.0: Enhanced operational efficiency and business agility through ability to administratively extend OSGi Applications-based running applications with new functionality without changing the application artifact, to enable independent application extension and evolution as business needs change. Additionally, update a running OSGi Applications-based application by only impacting those bundles affected by the change, enabling rapid update of deployed OSGi Applications.

    Free: WebSphere Developer Tools for Eclipse and WebSphere Application Server for Developers

    The WebSphere Application Server for Developers – Tools Edition for Eclipse provides users with a free, lightweight desktop development environment to build applications for WebSphere Application Server (V7.0 or V8.0).

  • ProSyst Software GmbH
    • mBS Smart Home SDK
      On top of ProSyst’s own OSGi implementation, mBS Smart Home SDK comes with a set of additional components which form a powerful and easily extensible stack for building OSGi-based products for the connected home. mBS Smart Home SDK contains a set of Elipse Plugins, enabling 3rd party developers to easily create, optimize and test OSGi applications and services. They also help engineers at home gateway manufacturers to create a customized OSGi target image for the specific device.
      The main Eclipse Plugins are:
      – mToolkit: Includes a collection of convenient tools for deployment and management of OSGi-compliant bundles on OSGi Runtimes straight from within the Eclipse Workbench.
      – mBProfiler: Assists developers in improving the efficiency of applications by exploring different aspects of the performance of a Java program, associated with JVM’s consumption of the available platform resources (CPU, memory and threads).
      – System Plugins: Offers a set of supplementary features assisting developers in constructing applications for concrete images of mBS Runtime.