The OSGi Alliance named OSGi cloud activities a strategic initiative for 2015. OSGi cloud activities are based on industry needs and perspectives collected by the OSGi Alliance from members and OSGi cloud workshop attendees. The focus now is on extending the OSGi framework to address cloud computing use cases.

The latest version of the working document (RFP 133) be found in OSGi Bugzilla (bug 114). OSGi specification work on the cloud will be included in the Alliance’s OSGi Internet of Things activities.

For information on Alliance cloud activities, email [email protected]. To help shape OSGi cloud activities and related specifications, join the Alliance.

JC Martin, eBay


OSGi activities and roles in the cloud are showcased in a number of presentations in recent years:

Presentations held during the 2nd OSGi Cloud Workshop at EclipseCon/OSGi DevCon 2012