Get started with OSGi. Reuse components to build and manage your highly complex systems. Make code easier to write, test and reuse. Manage dynamic deployment. Detect bugs earlier. Deploy remotely. Detect and solve problems you might not be aware of right now.

If you’re developing software in Java, then OSGi should be in your tool chest.

Why OSGi?

OSGi provides a modular architecture for today’s large-scale distributed systems as well as small, embedded applications and device networks. Building systems from in-house and off-the-shelf modules significantly increases the reuse of software products and solutions and extends their lifecycle, reducing development and maintenance expenses. The OSGi programming model realizes the promise of component-based systems.

OSGi technology is successful because it provides a very mature component system that works in a large number of environments. The OSGi component system is used to build highly complex applications like IDEs, application servers, application frameworks, telecom and service solutions, industrial automation, residential gateways, onboard telematics systems, and so much more.

Make OSGi Work for You

Vertical and cross-industry needs are served through “expert groups” that tailor the platform without compromising the integrity of the OSGi Service Platform architecture. Current expert groups include the Enterprise Expert Group, Residential Expert Group and Core Platform Expert Group. Members propose and establish charters for new EGs with approval by the OSGi Board of Directors.

You want to use your preferred protocol with OSGi? OSGi members create specifications for new protocols as a benefit of membership. Expert groups are working on an OSGi device abstraction layer to extend the reach of OSGi, cooperating with other industry consortia. Members are working on IoT and Cloud. What’s on your agenda for OSGi?

Get Started

The Alliance offers many resources to explore OSGi and begin using OSGi for your development projects. OSGi enRoute is a practical and efficient resource to build and implement modular applications.

Get Certified

Prove your OSGi expertise. Get certified. OSGi members offer training courses and the Alliance offers OSGi certification tests.