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The Software Development Kit (SDK) provided by the OSGi Alliance for the OSGi IoT Contest 2015 is still available from the OSGi Alliance Github repository. Developers can use it to try out the demo and write their own Train Manager or Track Manager and test them with the included emulator.

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2015 OSGi IoT Demo & Contest

Developers were invited to participate in an OSGi IoT playground competition at the OSGi Community Event 2015, Nov. 3-5. The contest demonstrated how OSGi was made for the Internet of Things as participants controlled a model LEGO® train track that ran multiple trains.

The train and track demo illustrated the OSGi advantage of being able to reliably share code from the cloud all the way down to the smallest edge devices in an IoT environment. The demonstration was underpinned by OSGi enRoute, which provides an easy-to-use tool chain for OSGi that provides the best-known practices with a true service-oriented architecture.

The SDK gave the developers access to the Train Manager and the Track Manager.

The Train Manager, was installed on Raspberry Pi’s located in a number of locations on the track. The Train Manager controlled the train operation with responsibilities including obeying track signals and points and managing the train speed. It was also responsible for communicating with the Track Manager to obtain permission for trains to use specific track segments.

The Track Manager was running in the OSGi cloud and received information from RFID’s on the track. It was responsible for calculating a route for the train to follow to get to its destination and this included controlling the signals and points and dispatching events to the Train Managers.


OSGi IoT Contest 2015 Winners

OSGi IoT Contest 2015 Winners