OSGi technology, specified by the OSGi Alliance and its members, solves real-world problems for software developers. The OSGi User Forums and the OSGi Community Wiki serve as a vibrant and collaborative OSGi community that is using and deploying the OSGi specifications.

Ways you can get involved:

  1. Join the OSGi Alliance and contribute to the OSGi specifications
  2. View and comment on the ongoing OSGi Alliance work on new specifications (RFPs & RFCs) (OSGI Alliance membership not required)
  3. Tap into the OSGi IoT Ecosystem
  4. Contribute to the OSGi Community Wiki (OSGI Alliance membership not required)
  5. Participate in the OSGi Users’ Forums (OSGi Alliance membership not required)
  6. Signup to the OSGi Mail Lists
  7. Ask for help adding OSGi metadata to your JARs