MobileAn open middleware and application framework

Despite the vast and growing number of existing mobile application platforms, mobile developers still face serious limitations when it comes to developing sophisticated, modular-based applications that run across various operating systems. While most platforms support building proprietary, monolithic, UI-centric applications, few provide what is considered a key building block in other software industries: middleware.

The OSGi modular and dynamic model complements mobile operating systems by addressing the maintainability of your applications and improvements in development productivity and adding a standardized, portable, manageable and secure cross-platform runtime for software components. Components may contain APIs, services, middleware or business logic modules, etc. Thus, OSGi enables the community to innovate on both a platform level and an application level. This is of particular interest to developers of sophisticated enterprise mobility solutions, service providers and operators pushing local APIs onto mobile devices. Developers can now rely upon this fully functional robust environment in the desktop and server spaces and benefit from the modular OSGi architecture for today’s large-scale distributed systems as well as small, embedded applications. Building systems from in-house and off-the-shelf OSGi modules increases development productivity, reduces time-to-market and makes it easier to evolve and modify running applications or building new ones from re-usable components.

This new architecture and programming model will help ensure that compelling applications and services will be available in the mobile environment. In summary, Mobile OSGi enables the following use cases:

  • Programming in a modern, robust, secure, modular, component-based service architecture
  • Managing software components remotely
  • Opening innovation on a platform level
  • Building a new mobile ecosystem for mobile services and APIs
  • Building portable, cross-platform mobile software

The OSGi mobile specification is the underlying technology in JSR 232, the mobile Java service platform, which was submitted to the JCP by Nokia Corporation and Motorola. Mobile OSGi framework implementations are available for all major mobile operating systems including Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Brew and Linux.