bigpuzzleCreate new and incremental revenue with dynamic services and/or the cross-industry inclusion of multiple devices and applications. Save time and money on development, maintenance and remote service management.

Decision-makers choose OSGi to compete and meet challenges in today’s demanding world. They choose OSGi to offer customer-centric solutions and enter new markets. They choose OSGi to meet strategic planning and operational goals, expanding revenue channels and getting to market faster with shorter development cycles and lower costs.

Why OSGi?

OSGi provides a standard that is specified and implemented by a constantly growing ecosystem. The OSGi modular and dynamic model reduces operational costs and integrates multiple devices in a networked environment even with different hardware, resources and communication protocols. OSGi enRoute tackles costly and time-consuming application development and reduces time-to-market. OSGi enables 24/7 maintenance and remote service management.

The key reason OSGi technology is so successful is that it provides a very mature component system that actually works in a surprising number of environments. The OSGi component system is actually used to build highly complex applications like IDEs, application servers and application frameworks, and is also adopted for solutions in industrial automation, telematics, smart home, logistics, e-health, and so much more.

Make OSGi Work for You

OSGi Alliance members determine how and when the OSGi Service Platform and specifications will be upgraded, expanded and enhanced, which can benefit the production and provisioning of member companies’ offerings. OSGi members also help to define the strategic direction of the OSGi Alliance, including liaisons with important industry consortia for mutual benefit, and benefit from promotional activities driven by the OSGi Alliance.

Read how other organizations, perhaps even your competitors, have used OSGi to develop and deploy their offerings.

Get Started

OSGi benefits begin with OSGi Alliance membership. Review Alliance membership benefits and choose the membership level that’s right for your organization and supports your organization’s strategy and goals.