Bosch IoT Gateway Software


OSGi-based software enables efficient realization of gateway-based IoT scenarios for smart homes, Industry 4.0, connected cars, and eHealth.

  • Includes our own OSGi-certified, low-footprint implementation compliant with OSGi release versions 4.2, 4.3, 5.0, and 6.0
  • Optimized for use in embedded device platforms such as gateways / hub devices
  • Provides a remote management agent based on TR-069 incl. service and application lifecycle management
  • Includes device discovery and connectivity support: incl. Z-Wave, ZigBee, DECT ULE, Bluetooth LE, UPnP, KNX, Home Connect, Modbus, EEBUS SPINE, SHIP, web cameras, etc.
  • Comes with integrated device abstraction layer
  • Provides scalable automation rules engine for scripted automation scenarios
  • Comes with sophisticated resource management support, enhancing runtime robustness and reliability
  • Provides update and restart manager
  • Includes intelligent, extensible native watchdog agent
  • Ported and optimized for many JVMs and OSs
  • Comes with rich remote-access capabilities (REST, JSON-RPC and WebSockets)
  • Includes web-based administration application and CLI interface locally, either via Telnet or from within Eclipse
  • Provides platform, application & service lifecycle management
  • Supports remote installation, updating, uninstallation, configuration, monitoring, and diagnostics – all on the fly

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