Bnd and Bndtools

Bndtools is a set of Eclipse plugins which support using Bnd in the Eclipse IDE.

Bnd supports a Bnd Workspace build model. This model has projects building bundles located in the root of the workspace alongside a special cnf project. The cnf project represents the configuration of the overall Bnd Workspace. This model is fully supported by the Bnd Gradle plugins as well as the Bndtools plugins for the Eclipse IDE.

Bnd also supports the native build models of Gradle and Maven when using the Bnd plugins for those environments. The Bndtools plugins for the Eclipse IDE work with the Eclipse m2e project to provide support for the Maven build model in Eclipse.

Bnd and Bndtools are fully open source available at GitHub. The Bnd jars, including the Bnd Gradle and Maven plugins, are available from Maven Central and Bndtools is available from the Eclipse Marketplace. The latest development snapshots are also available, to test the newest features.

Bnd also provides a library for building OSGi bundles along with plugins for use in Gradle and Maven development workflows.  Learn more about OSGi Software Development with Bnd and Bndtools at