Alliance News Archive

2012 Alliance News

OSGi Alliance Releases Four New OSGi Specifications, June 13

OSGi Alliance Names Peter Kriens Invited Researcher, April 19

2011 Alliance News

OSGi Alliance Restructures Membership, Promotes Broader Technical Participation, Nov. 16

2010 Alliance News

OSGi Community Event 2010 Focuses On Real-World Value, Sept. 29

OSGi Community Event 2010 Centers On Real-World Benefits, Implementations of OSGi Technology, Sept. 22

OSGi Alliance Publishes Enterprise Specification, March 23

OSGi DEVCON 2010 At Eclipsecon Offers Four-Day Program For Developers, Decision-Makers, March 10

2009 Alliance News

JAX London – Bringing a unique conference experience to the British capital, Oc. 13

OSGi Alliance Approves OSGi Service Platform Release 4 Core and Compendium Version 4.2 For Public Release, Sept. 24

OSGi Alliance And HGI Collaborate To Boost Broadband Provider Flexibility and Service Offerings, Sept. 16



OSGi DEVCON At Eclipsecon 2009 Presents Diverse Program For Developers, Decision-Makers, March 16

OSGi Technology Emerging As Platform Of Choice For ESB Providers, Feb. 24

OSGi Alliance Marks 10th Anniversary With 100 Members and Millions of Deployments, Feb. 12

2008 Alliance News

World-leading Enterprise Application Server Providers Propel OSGi Technology to an Industry-wide Standard, Sept. 16

OSGi Alliance Announces 2nd Annual Community Event, May 15

OSGi Alliance Builds Momentum, Announces 2008 Community Event, Feb. 19

2007 Alliance News

OSGi Alliance Adds Free Supporter Participation Class, Dec. 6

OSGi™ Alliance Publishes New Version of its Release 4 Core Specification, May 30

SOA Strategies Drive BEA, IONA, JAYWAY, ECLIPSE and INTERFACE21 To Join OSGi™ Alliance, Feb. 14

EclipseCon 2007 Features OSGi Technology “Universal Middleware” Developers Track, Feb. 8

2006 Alliance News

OSGi™ Alliance Gains Momentum with New Members, Technical Achievements, Dec. 6

OSGi™ Alliance Publishes R4 Mobile Specification, JCP Codifies Specification With JSR 232 Approval, Sept. 20

Grassroots Enterprise Adoption of OSGi Technology Drives Formation of Enterprise Expert Group, Aug. 9

Leading Tech Companies Unite to Support OSGi Technology with Royalty-Free Patent Pledge, July 26

OSGi™ Alliance Opens Release 4 Compliance Program, Certifies First Three Software Products, June 28

Eclipse Community Delivers on Schedule with the Release of Ten Open Source Projects, June 26

OSGi™ Alliance Introduces New “Adopter” Membership Opportunity, April 20

OSGi™ Alliance Launches Blog to Reveal Opportunities and Case Studies for OSGi and Java™ Developers, Feb. 8

OSGi™ Alliance Discusses “When Applications Can Roam Freely” At CCNC, Jan. 4

2005 Alliance News

New OSGi™ President Stan Moyer to drive increased adoption of OSGi Technology, Jan. 16

OSGi™ Alliance Service Platform Release 4 Core Specification now publicly available, Jan. 20

OSGi Alliance Announces Draft Release of Mobile Environment Specifications In Cooperation With JSR 232 of the Java Community Process, Jan. 10

Responding to Public Demand, OSGi Alliance provides Early Access to the upcoming OSGi Service Platform Release 4 Core Specification, Sept. 8

2004 Alliance News

Redes Inteligentes Sin Fronteras: Los Estandares Industriales Prolongan La Vida Del Producto (Spanish Press Release), Sept. 29

OSGi Alliance Key Messages Press Release, Sept. 28

OSGi Alliance Key Messages Press Release(German Version), Sept. 28

OSGi Alliance Key Messages Press Release(French Version), Sept. 28

Barcelona alojará el Congreso Mundial de OSGi Alliance 2004 en Octubre (Spanish Press Release), Sept. 21

Makewave, Nokia and ProSyst Endorse OSGi™ Alliance 2004 World Congress as Bronze Level Sponsors, Sept. 20

Sun Microsystems to be a Gold-Level sponsor of the OSGi™ Alliance 2004 World Congress, Aug. 17

OSGi™ Alliance 2004 World Congress Welcomes Siemens VDO Automotive as Gold Level Sponsor, Aug. 10

Press Release: The OSGi Alliance 2004 World Congress to feature tour of the eNeo Labs Connected Home, Aug. 3

Besichtigung eines intelligenten Hauses auf dem OSGi Alliance 2004 World Congress (German eNeo Labs Press Release), Aug. 3

El Congreso Mundial de OSGi Alliance realizará una visita al Hogar Conectado de eNeo Labs (Spanish eNeo Labs Press Release), Aug. 3

La maison «eNeo Labs Connected Home» à Barcelone est équipée de la technologie OSGi (French eNeo Labs Press Release), Aug. 3

Keynotes Highlight OSGi™ Alliance 2004 World Congress, July 13

Press Release: OSGi™ Alliance names IBM as a Sponsor of its 2004 World Congress, June 30

Motorola Supports OSGi Open-Standards as Platinum Level Sponsor at OSGi™ Alliance 2004 World Congress, June 1

Mobile Emphasis at 2004 OSGi World Congress in Barcelona, April 26

OSGi Alliance to Participate in CES Track Session, Jan. 6

2003 Alliance News

OSGi Alliance Drives Java Innovation through Formation of New Mobile Expert Group, Dec. 9

Five Global Players Achieve New OSGi Certification, Oct. 21

OSGi 2003 World Congress Welcomes Motorola Broadband as Gold Level, Oct. 14

IBM to be a Sponsor of OSGi 2003 World Congress, Sept. 10

OSGi Alliance to Conduct Asian Technology Tour, Aug. 12

OSGi Alliance To Be Prominently Featured at IFA Congress, Aug. 5

OSGi Alliance Announces Second OSGi World Congress, July 22

AMI-C Adopts OSGi Service Platform Release 3, April 25

OSGi Alliance Announces the Immediate Availability of OSGi Service Platform Release 3, April 2

OSGi(tm) Alliance to Present Deployments at IIR Home Networks and Residential Gateway Congress, Feb. 13

OSGi Alliance to be Focal Point of Embedded World Conference Session, Jan. 30

OSGi Alliance and ERTICO Announce Collaboration for 3rd Generation Telematics Development, Jan. 15

2002 Alliance News

Samsung Elected to OSGi Alliance Board of Directors, Nov. 25

OSGi Alliance to Showcase Solutions at the Net-atHome™ 2002 Conference & Exhibition, Nov. 8

OSGi Alliance Announces results of ‘Best Application of OSGi Technology’ Competition, Oct. 22

OSGi Members Race Into Telematics with New Deployments and Product Advancements, Sept. 5

OSGi Members Showcase Smart Home Advancements at e/home Show, Aug. 28

Nine Global Players Achieve OSGi Certification, Aug. 7

AMI-C and OSGi Align Specifications for Automotive Services, July 23

Open Services Gateway Initiative Announces First OSGi World Congress, July 11

OSGi Drives the Delivery of Managed Services to Automobiles at SAE 2002 Digital Car Conference and Exhibition, March 4

OSGi Member Product Deployments Demonstrate Industry Adoption of Open Specifications, Jan. 8

2001 Alliance News

OSGi Announces Availability of Service Platform Release 2, Oct. 2

Open Services Gateway Initiative Elects New Leadership, May 23

Open Services Gateway Initiative Doubles Membership in 2000, Jan. 8

2000 Alliance News

OSGi Provides Open Platform for the Internet-Enabled Car, Oct. 16

OSGi Creates Nursery to Incubate New Software Service Interfaces, Oct. 4

Open Services Gateway Initiative Elects New Leadership, July 10

OSGi Specification Released at Connections 2000, May 3

Members Voice Support for OSGi Organization and Specification, May 3

OSGi Organization Experiences 45% Growth In Membership In First Quarter 2000, April 21

Advancing the Networked Home Welcomes OSGi as a Platinum Sponsor, Feb. 25

Open Services Gateway Initiative Technology Demonstrations Debut at CES 2000, Jan. 6

1999 Alliance News

Open Services Gateway Initiative (OSGi) To Drive Development Of Gateway Standard For Homes, Soho And Remote Locations, Nov. 22

Fifteen Industry Leaders to Create Standard for Bringing Internet-Based Services to the Networked Home, March 1