OSGi Alliance Testimonial Guidelines

The OSGi Alliance accepts testimonials[1] on OSGi technology from anyone who is using OSGi technology. Before submitting a testimonial for use by the OSGi Alliance, please read the following guidelines.

Once you are ready to submit your testimonial, please email it to marketinginfo@osgi.org.

  • The testimonial will include the company or organization using or offering a product/solution that uses OSGi.
  • The testimonial must include an explicit mention of “OSGi” or “OSGi technology.”
  • Testimonials from non-OSGi Alliance members may not exceed 100 words, excluding attribution.
  • Testimonials from OSGi Alliance members may not exceed 150 words, excluding attribution.
  • Once approved by the OSGi Alliance the testimonial will be featured in one or more areas of osgi.org and may be promoted via OSGi Alliance social media channels and included in OSGi Alliance presentations.


  • If the non-OSGi Alliance member company or organization that is using or offering the OSG-based product/solution has a web page that includes a link to osgi.org, the OSGi Alliance, on request, will provide a link back from the posted testimonial to that page.
  • For OSGi Alliance members we will link the testimonial to the member’s provided product or organization URL upon request.
  • The OSGi Alliance will include a corporate OR product logo with the testimonial upon request[2].

[1] Content provided by either party must not disparage the other party, its objectives, purposes, work or work product.

[2] The OSGi Alliance expects testimonial contributors to follow their organization’s logo licensing processes, when applicable, for inclusion in the testimonial posting.