Liaisons & Associates

The OSGi Alliance Liaison Executive Committee is chartered with the mission to establish and manage relationships with third parties on behalf of the OSGi Alliance and its members. Liaison organizations include standards development organizations, open source foundations and projects, educational institutions, other alliances and associations, and government entities.

There are two categories of relationship offered:


Liaisons are a formal relationship between a third party organization and the OSGi Alliance.  Executing a Liaison Agreement allows organizations to communicate with our expert groups to develop requirements to eventually become part of standardized OSGi specifications, following our processes.


Associates are third party organizations that we cooperate with to aid discussions, receive requirements from, have joint workshops with, and collaborate with to deliver normative work.

For further information or to discuss how to become a Liaison or Associate of the OSGi Alliance, please contact Rouzbeh Farhoumand, Liaison Executive Committee chairman, at

Our current liaison and associate relationships include:


Broadband Forum

The Broadband Forum, a non-profit industry organization, is focused on engineering smarter and faster broadband networks. The Forum’s flagship TR-069 CPE WAN Management Protocol has now exceeded 350 million installations worldwide. Their work defines best practices for global networks, enables new revenue-generating service and content delivery, establishes technology migration strategies, engineers critical device, service & development management tools, in the home and business IP networking infrastructure


CABA is a not-for-profit industry association that promotes advanced technologies for the automation of homes and buildings in North America. Our mission is to encourage the development, promotion, pursuit and understanding of integrated systems and automation in homes and buildings.

Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC)

The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) is a not-for-profit industry association organized under Object Management Group (OMG)’s 501(c) (6) not-for-profit status. The IIC promotes the accelerated growth of the Industrial Internet of Things by coordinating ecosystem initiatives to securely connect, control and integrate assets and systems of assets with people, processes and data using common architectures, interoperability and open standards to deliver transformational business and societal outcomes across industries and public infrastructure.



The purpose and goal of oneM2M is to develop technical specifications which address the need for a common M2M Service Layer that can be readily embedded within various hardware and software, and relied upon to connect the myriad of devices in the field with M2M application servers worldwide. A critical objective of oneM2M is to attract and actively involve organizations from M2M-related business domains such as: telematics and intelligent transportation, healthcare, utilities, industrial automation, smart homes, etc.