Fellows & Laureates

OSGi Fellows

The following persons have been named OSGi Fellows for life by the Board of Directors for their outstanding technical achievements in developing OSGi technology.

BJ Hargrave 
Senior Technical Staff Member
E-mail: BJ Hargrave

Dave Marples 
Chief Scientist
E-mail: Dave Marples

Richard S. Hall 
Senior Director, Core Network Standards 
E-mail: Richard Hall

Ray Augé
Senior Software Architect
Liferay, Inc.
E-mail: Ray Augé

Carsten Ziegeler
Principal Scientist
E-mail: Carsten Ziegeler

Peter Kriens 
aQute SARL 
E-mail: Peter Kriens

Ben Reed 
1337 hacker
osmeta Inc.  
E-mail: Ben Reed

Thomas J. Watson 
Senior Software Engineer
E-mail: Thomas J. Watson

Tim Ward
Chief Technology Officer
E-mail: Tim Ward

OSGi Laureates

The following persons have been named OSGi Laureates for life by the Board of Directors for their outstanding contributions and leadership achievements in driving the OSGi Alliance and the adoption of OSGi technology.

Ryutaro Kawamura 
Senior Vice President, Executive Director
NTT Laboratories 
E-mail: Ryutaro Kawamura

Dr. John Barr 
JRBarr, Ltd 
E-mail: John Barr

Dr. Richard Nicholson 
AWS Principle Solution Architect 
E-mail: Richard Nicholson

Dan Bandera
Program Director, Blockchain, Istio, Java technologies,
IBM Corporation
E-mail: Dan Bandera

Stan Moyer 
Vice President & Executive Director
E-mail: Stan Moyer

Dr. Susan Schwarze 
Strategic Partnership Management
Robert Bosch GmbH 
E-mail: Susan Schwarze

Kai Hackbarth 
Business Owner Industrial
Bosch.IO GmbH  
E-mail: Kai Hackbarth

Christer Larsson 
Chief Executive Officer 
Makewave AB 
E-mail: Christer Larsson