Kai Hackbarth 
Andreas Kraft


The Residential Expert Group (REG) is chartered to define the requirements and specifications to tailor and extend the OSGi Service Platform for fixed network connected gateway devices and connected devices. Examples of such devices include, but are not limited to, residential gateways, building automation gateways, white goods, consumer electronics, etc. Development of the specifications and APIs entails the creation of supporting documentation, reference implementations and compatibility test suites.

Technical areas addressed by the REG will include the requirements, functional specifications, data formats, and communication protocols for gateway devices as well as defining new requirements for the base service platform. The REG will also create a functional model for local and remote management of gateway devices. This model will resolve the requirements of interoperation with existing management systems and protocols, the need to remotely manage services life cycles, the need for large-scale deployments, and the needs for adequate security on management operations.

With OSGi Board approval, the REG, through its members, may also cooperate with other specification bodies in the creation of data formats and communication protocols.

The REG will work closely with and cooperate with the Core Platform Expert Group (CPEG) to ensure the specifications and Application Programming Interface (API) are consistent with the overall OSGi Service Platform architecture.

The REG will take direction from the OSGi Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and the Technical Steering Committee (TSC).