Internet of Things


Bruce Jackson
Tim Ward


The OSGi Internet of Things Expert Group (IOTEG) is chartered to define the technical requirements and specifications to tailor and extend the set of OSGi Specifications to address information technology software infrastructure in Internet of Things scenarios.

OSGi Alliance IoT Vision

The IOTEG areas of concern include:

  • The support application developers to create IoT services
  • Targeting embedded and cloud environments where they intersect with endpoint devices
  • Data processing and management in IoT gateways
  • Cross-industry and cross-protocol device connectivity on level of actors/sensors and IoT gateways
  • Support the development and deployment of device abstraction layer and endpoint ontologies
  • The virtualization of IoT services
  • Connectivity to the cloud for endpoint devices
    • and the interoperation with existing management systems and protocols
  • Enable and enforce IoT end-to-end security

Development of the specifications and APIs entails the creation of supporting documentation, reference implementations, and compliance tests.

Work products of the IOTEG will include the technical requirements, functional specifications, data and metadata formats, and communication protocols, as necessary, as well as defining new technical requirements for Core OSGi Specifications.

With OSGi Board of Directors approval, the IOTEG, through its members, may also cooperate with other recognized specification bodies in the creation of APIs, data and metadata formats, and communication protocols.

The IOTEG will work closely and cooperate with the OSGi Core Platform Expert Group (CPEG) to ensure the specifications and APIs are consistent with the overall architecture of OSGi Alliance Specifications and, where applicable, also directly cooperate with other technical OSGi Expert Groups on shared topics to ensure the specifications and APIs are consistent with the overall OSGi Alliance Specifications set.

The IOTEG must take direction from the OSGi Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and the OSGi Technical Steering Committee (TSC).