David Bosschaert


The OSGi Enterprise Expert Group (EEG) is chartered to define the technical requirements and specifications to tailor and extend the OSGi Service Platform to address information technology software infrastructure use cases found in enterprise business scenarios.

The EEG technical areas of concern include:

  • scaling including multi-container and multi-process environments
  • language bindings for enterprise services including, but not limited to the Java language
  • distributed and/or federated service model:
    • within multiple Service Platforms
    • with external, heterogeneous systems
  • requirements for extensions to the OSGi publish/find/bind service model
  • bundle dependencies profiling and matching
  • enterprise-class life-cycle and configuration management
    • from initial provisioning
    • through software and asset management, patching, etc.
    • focused on desktops, laptops, and servers
    • including reliability, availability, serviceability concerns

Development of the specifications and APIs entails the creation of supporting documentation, reference implementations and compliance tests.

Work products of the EEG will include the technical requirements, functional specifications, data and metadata formats, and communication protocols, as necessary, as well as defining new technical requirements for the base Service Platform.

With OSGi Board approval, the EEG, through its members, may also cooperate with other recognized specification bodies in the creation of APIs, data and metadata formats and communication protocols.

The EEG will work closely with and cooperate with the Core Platform Expert Group (CPEG) to ensure the specifications and APIs are consistent with the overall OSGi Service Platform architecture.

The EEG will take direction from the OSGi Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and the OSGi Technical Steering Committee (TSC).