OSGi Community Event 2017

The OSGi Community Event 2017 was held in Ludwigsburg, Germany, October 24-26. Presentation slides and available video recordings of the sessions from the conference are available from the links in the schedule below.

Co-located with EclipseCon Europe, the OSGi Community Event is the largest OSGi event of the year, featuring two full tracks, a BoF and an IoT demo.

The popular OSGi IoT demo returned, running a LEGO® train and track using OSGi specifications and OSGi enRoute. OSGi Alliance announced its OSGi Alliance Leadership Awards and hosted its annual BoF, which featured lively discussion on OSGi. If you have any comment on the BoF, please contact [email protected]


Time Description Slides/Video
09:00-12:00 Bndtools and Maven: A brave new world
Neil Bartlett [Paremus], Tim Ward [Paremus]
12:00-13:00 Lunch
Time Welcome & Keynote Slides/Video
13:00-14:15 Digitalization – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Anna Ståhlbröst [Luleå University of Technology]
12:00-13:00 Break
Time Schubartsaal Slides
Seminarräume 1-3 Slides
14:30-15:05 Microservices with OSGi
Dirk Fauth [Robert Bosch GmbH], Peter Kirschner [Kirschners GmbH]

Modeling the OSGi way
Simon Chemouil [Lambdacube]

15:15-15:50 Ticket to Ride – Bus Fleet Operated and Managed with OSGi
Christer Larsson [Makewave AB]

Scaling up development of a modular code base
Robert Munteanu [Adobe Systems Inc.]

15:50-16:15 Afternoon Break
16:15-16:50 From logging to monitoring to reactive insights
Christian Schneider [Adobe]

OSGi meets Lambdas
Carlos Sierra [Liferay Inc.]
17:00-17:35 Leveraging the latest OSGi R7 Specifications
Carsten Ziegler [Adobe], David Bosschaert [Adobe]

Big-Data reactive streams and OSGi
Matteo Rulli [FlairBit]

17:35-18:15 Stamtisch
18:30-19:30 Eclipse Kahoot!
19:30-20:30 OSGi BoF



Time Keynote Slides/Video
09:00-10:00 Journey from Monolith to a Modularized Application: Approach and Key Learnings
Emanoel Xavier [Intel] & Tim Ward [Paremus]
10:00-10:35 Break
Time Schubartsaal Slides
Seminarräume 1-3 Slides
10:30-11:05 Run OSGi on your robot and teach it new tricks
Tim Verbelen [imec]

Eclipse RCP with bndtools
Peter Kirchner [Kirschners GmbH], Dirk Fauth [Robert Bosch GmbH]
11:15-11:50 OSGi and EEBus: Use cases for electric vehicle charging stations, heating systems and home appliances
Kai Hackbarth [Bosch Software Innovations GmbH]

Reactive OSGi meets Reactive Java – Don’t cross the streams?
Tim Ward [Paremus]

12:00-12:35 Jigsaw: What the Heck Happens Now?
Neil Bartlett

Reactive streams and components on OSGi
Christian Schneider [Adobe]

12:35-14:00 Lunch
14:00-14:35 Fantastic Java contracts – and where to define them?
Milen Dyankov [Liferay]

Let data flow, like an endless river into your OSGi application
Mark Hoffmann [Data in Motion Consulting GmbH]

14:45-15:20 Constructor injection and other new features for Declarative Services 1.4
BJ Hargrave [IBM]

OSGi to boost open innovation for smarter cities
Levent Gurgen [CEA]
15:20-15:45 Break
15:45-16:20 OSGi R7 microservices never looked simpler
Tim Ward [Paremus]

An OSGi based platform supporting industry 4.0 applications for SMEs
Harald Kornmayer [DHBW Mannheim]

16:30-17:05 CDI and OSGi: So happy together!
Raymond Auge [Liferay, Inc.]

When whiteboards play together. JAX-RS and Servlets the OSGi way
Mark Hoffmann, Jürgen Albert [Data in Motion Consulting GmbH]

17:05-18:30 Exhibitors Reception
 18:30-19:30  BoFs



Time Keynote Slides/Video
09:00-09:45 Keynote: Why and How We Are Building the Universal Software Knowledge Base
Roberto Di Cosmo [INRIA/Software Heritage]
09:45-10:15 Break
Time Schubartsaal Slides/Video
10:15-10:50 Smart IoT on OSGi with Apache OpenWhisk
David Bosschaert, Carsten Ziegeler [Adobe]

11:00-11:35 Data Analytics with OSGi – Experience, Challenges, Solutions
Alexander Stark [Bosch Software Innovations GmbH]
11:35-13:00 Lunch
13:00-13:35 Eclipse MicroProfile Config and OSGi Config Admin
Emily Jiang [IBM]
14:30-15:15 Closing Session



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